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My name is CA. Kailash Mantry. I am a life coach and mental health consultant. For the last 25 years, we have researched more than 50 diseases which we will be a cure without medicine like AlzheimerDrug AddictionAlcoholicSchizophreniaArthritis,MigraineEpilepsyStammering such type of more disease is cured a without medication. And all these diseases in medical science admit that there is no treatment in medical science. Today we are talking about Alzheimer’s Disease. It is also called Dementia. The disease was discovered in 1960 by German Neurologist Alzheimer and this disease named after him.

Above the age of 65 years people have there is a 10% chance to have this disease. And over the age of 80 years of people have 50% chance to contract this disease. It is mental illness, and we provide a doctoral degree to this type of patient because they have done PhD in negativity like think upside down, doubt, judge, not getting the point of view, helpless feeling, stress, tension, negative thinking in everything and all this reason through this disease comes. Usually, this is the beginning of the age of 40 years, and people neglect it and slowly becomes so horrible. The first symptoms people look that their memory power, forget small things, remember the way, forget many places, disturbed in ordinary life at many places.

Family comes in Alzheimer’s they have family conflicts, argument, unrest and big communication gap. Mainly this type of people ask wrong questions, wrongly focused, use too much brain and don’t think freely, a lot about small things and Judgment. It is not a neurological disorder, but this type of patient mainly go to a neurologist they give 2 kinds of medicine: in the morning to encourage them and at night to quiet or to sleep, and they sleep a lot in the afternoon, and at night they are restless. We have started a MIND MAPPING test. In this test, the patient can easily understand that what is the 50 reason for this disease comes?  In 10 hours I can convey to the family member that this is not a brain disorder, not a neurological and it’s psychological and emotional disorder.

This disease started with nervousness. The people who are nervous, restless, anxiety, tension, confuses, indecisive from all this reason its disease comes. This type of patient has low vitamin-D and low deficiency of B12 through this the memory damage. The condition of this type of patient gets worse by taking alcohol, smoking, drugs, tea, coffee.

In today’s days, I describe that this type of patient has their hard disk full. They have a lot of old memories and a lousy memory, and we have to format that hard drive, or you have a lot virus, and we have to take out that virus one by one or we have to input new software that means new thinking has to input then you can come out from this disease. What is this disease 100% curable? Yes, if the patient is below then 65 years and if they are healthy, then it is 100% curable in 3 months and a maximum of 6 months. They have to come for residential treatment because of talking to them with 10 hours they break the mindset, thinking and old memory have to delete.

This patient is disturbed during sleep, and in the month they have to take sleep medicine for 4 to 5 days. This medicine has a side effect, and there is no treatment in any medicine like allopathy, homoeopathic, ayurvedic. It is a common disease, and it is a mental illness, and no medicine can cure this mental illness. This patient is suffering a lot, disturbed in life, not doing daily work correctly and after sometime they need attention. Slowly, their body part is disturbed, and physical activity is also concerned.

Now see how it’s coming like if the men are thinking a lot, fear then their blood pressure is low means blood circulation is slow in the brain then this disease comes. If there is diabetes with Alzheimer’s, then there would be complexation to be cured because diabetes is damaging the nerves and then blood circulation is terrible and if blood circulation is awful then the heart, kidney problem comes. The sooner you come with us, you can cure soon, and good health is necessary, and if you are not in a condition to walk, then it is tough to heal.

This disease has homemade treatment if you not come to us then do it own liketo laugh, fun, dances, listen to emotional songs, relax the mind or free from responsibility and take rest.

In the end, I will say that this disease is curable it takes a minimum of three months and a maximum of 6 months. This disease not only comes alone but also with excessive thinking, confusion,indecisiveness, negativity, fear all this type of thing happens with them.

My name is CA. Kailash Mantry. I am a life coach and a mental health consultant.

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