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Anxiety disorder and panic attacks treatment.


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A feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome.

All human beings feel anxious at some stage in their life, it is natural, however when a person feels anxious all the time or feels highly anxious over small things it is likely that the person in suffering from Anxiety. A person who constantly worries over their job, their family, what if scenario “X” happens, what if “Y” happens. More than 15% of all people are suffering from this disease. It’s even more dangerous for women as studies show that twice as many women suffer from Anxiety Disorder. This disease is caused due to bad experiences, bad memories, rejections, failure, confusion, doubts, and many other reasons. This disease is completely curable. When a person worries unrealistically, this disease gets rooted. This disease only affects people who think that they know everything that is happening and why it is happening.

In India, 7.5% of the population suffer from mental illnesses. We have concluded from over research and experience of treating hundreds of patients that:

  1. All diseases are caused by psychological and emotional disorders and such diseases are curable.
  2. Commonly seen signs of these diseases are negative thinking, fear, anger, sadness, suffering, doubts, disconnect in family life, etc
  3. Medicines have no role in treating the root cause of this disease, medicine is developed by companies to stop the symptoms of this disease, so such medicine can never cure mental illness.

I would like to tell you a story, and then you will understand the inner workings of an Anxiety Disorder patient. One Man was traveling by bus from Mumbai to Pune. He did not have a watch. He asked another passenger what the time is. The other passenger heard the question but behaved like he didn’t hear anything and hid his watch with one hand. After some time, the person asked, “Sir what is the time?”

In reply to this, the passenger says “I know why you are requesting time, after asking for time you will get acquainted with me, once we are acquainted you will come to my house for tea, once you come for tea you will attract my daughter, after that you will ask for her hand in marriage.”

Listen carefully to what the man with the watch says. He says for a person who does not have a watch, I am not interested in marrying my daughter to such a man. People who live in such worry, people who live in such fear and people who have such a negative approach suffers from Anxiety Disorder.

If you go to a doctor for treatment of Anxiety they will face 2 options:

  1. Take Depression Medicines like benzodiazepines which cause depression and people become very lethargic as they become very lazy they cannot do any work. They can only stay at their home and are not able to do any job.
  2. Do Psychotherapy which is ineffective.

People have divided this disease into five categories:

The first category is Panic Disorder –

Some people get a panic attack if someone says anything to them. They start breathing fast, gets fearful, for some time they think, people will get a heart attack and, people will die, people start sweating, and they don’t understand what is happening. After sometime when the panic attack goes they get normal again. The person receives such panic attacks regularly. 


 The second category is Social Anxiety Disorder-

That means when any person fears too in public when a   person concerns to talk in general and think of rejection, or they will laugh at me. It is known as a social anxiety disorder which comes in the category of public fear.


The third category is known as a Specific Phobia-

In this phobia the person is, but when he knows he has to go in flight, starts being fearful or whenever a person saws a lizard or a cockroach, starts feeling fearful and experience like death and due to fear he will do every possible thing to resist the work and will try to avoid the thing.


The Fourth category is Generalized Anxiety Disorder –

That means where an ordinary man gets anxiety in every day’s small talks but the level of such persons are very high that they think so contrary in all things that they think life will be quite challenging to live, and there will be very difficult if such situation arises.


The last is Separation Anxiety Disorder –

Many people have a fear of breaking up in marriage or receiving death news of anyone in family member they doubt how will they live. If this person dies how my life will go on and he keeps on thinking negative about it.

The crux of this disease is the negative approach, fear, sadness, suffering, tension, past bad memories, failures, rejections, doubts, confusion, lack of trust, lack of love, lack of confidence, excessive thinking. There are more than 100 reasons for this disease. And for this, we have developed a test which is known as Mind Mapping. It’s a 15-minute test, and within 15 minutes the patient comes to realize what negativity he or she is carrying, what positivity he is missing, what is his life status and what is the fact which he is not ready to accept. We start working on it with the patient and in 1 to 3 months, 90% of the disease is gone.

Some Home remedies for you:

  • Such persons should avoid, coffee, tea, cold drinks, and energy drinks.
  • They should keep their homes clean.
  • Should avoid chocolate sugar and every food that contains sugar.
  • Such persons should exercise regularly
  • regularly should meditate,
  • should sleep on time
  • should not take more responsibilities

The 1st symptom of this disease is restlessness, headache nausea fast heartbeats nervousness, sweating, troubled breathing, digestive system problem, decently, increasing heart rate, and sleeplessness this all are the symptoms.

If all these symptoms are present and if a patient comes in the 1st stage, then sometimes this disease gets a cured in 10 days. This disease has many reasons like family conflict, family separation, a family member who has a mental illness, or fights in a family or anyone in the family is a drug addict or alcoholic, or anyone is psychological illness patient, then this disease takes place? Wherever there is negativity or negativity in the family. Then the weakest child in the family can suffer from this disease. This disease can come at any age, and the first effect of this disease is terrible concentration, loss of interest in doing any productive work, the patient is not able to do any job and responsibilities.


The married life of such a patient is disturbed because when a person always talks negatively then, it is challenging for their partner to stay with such a person. Such patients are unable to take their life responsibilities, their financial position also starts declining, and their earning gets affected because the patient start taking medicines so one after one they start getting different side effects, at last, I will only say this is a type of mental illness. It’s a psychological and emotional disorder. It might be due to hardship in their past due to which there is fear located in the patient or because of this he can be, and it’s the reason for anxiety and this disease is 100% curable, and there is no role of medicine in treating anxiety.

Also if this illness goes untreated, anxiety and depression go hand in hand (Anxiety Depressive Disorder)





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