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October 1, 2018 at 12:07 pm · · 0 comments

Are you a casual drinker or an alcoholic?

October 1, 2018

 The line between casual drinking and addiction is a thin one.

 It is found that alcohol is not addictive in itself. The chemical reactions that it causes in our brain is addictive. It becomes a part of the person’s life to feel normal and sane. Alcohol increases an acid known as GABA in the human body which affects the brain. Hence, drunken people have trouble walking, talking, moving, etc. It will be repeated every moment the person consumes alcohol. Having tolerance to alcohol means the person will desire for more with every passing moment. Dopamine is also released when the person feels pleasure. Initial consumption of alcohol give pleasure to a person, the brain assumes the use of alcohol to be rewarding and full of pleasure. The increased levels of GABA and dopamine will be a huge risk when the alcoholic denies drinking. It can lead to withdrawal symptoms like hallucinations, tremors, temperature or seizures.

There are various methods to test alcohol content in the body of a person. It is extremely important to test the alcohol level in the person’s body. Finding the level of alcohol will help the medical expert to save the person from serious ill effects of alcohol. Hence timely testing will ensure sound health.  Let us discuss a few methods used to test alcohol content in the human body.:

1. Urine Test:

A sample of urine is collected to detect the percentage of alcohol in it. This sample will be tested in the laboratory and the results will be deduced. If the lab test is positive, a further test will be conducted to find out which part of the body is most affected and treatment will be planned accordingly.

2. Oral Drug Test:
A sample of your saliva will be collected and send to the lab for testing. If the lab test is positive you will be referred to a specialist for further treatment. He will ensure that the intake of alcohol should be reduced to lower the risk of further problems.

3. Blood test:
A Blood test also can be done to detect the alcohol content in the body. It is extremely helpful when the alcohol has affected the other parts of the body. This blood test will also be useful to decide the future course of treatment.

4. Alcohol Testing:
This kind of testing method is generally used by the traffic police to check the rash drivers. You are instructed to blow in a tester which is like a disposable tube. When the tester beeps it shows that alcohol is present in the blood of that specific individual. In this case, the police will take the necessary actions to punish the individual for drinking and driving.

Why do people tend towards becoming alcoholics:

 There are various causes of alcoholism. Finding or knowing the cause of person’s overuse of alcohol is very important. If you want to help them overcome alcoholism. People may start this for some small reason and over a period of time become depended on alcohol for every small thing that they are supposed to do. Dependency on alcohol is the worst thing that can happen to anyone.  Long-term alcohol use leads to long-term effects on health and life. This habit not only affects the person who drinks alcohol but also the people around him which includes his family and friends. Alcoholism is a grave issue for any family or person. Though it is difficult, it is not impossible to overcome this habit. Gathering information about this topic is necessary if we want to help someone who is addicted to alcohol. Only then can we help that person in a good way. Let us discuss a few reasons or causes for a person to turn alcoholic.
1. Relief from stress:
 In today’s fast going world stress is one very important issue that a person has to deal with. There is competition in the job which may lead to stress. There are complications in family life, this may also lead to stress. A student’s life is also not free from stress. The student has to work hard in order to maintain his level and pace with others. Most of them have to be multitasking From a very young age, parents enroll the child in various activities and pressurize him/her to be the best in them. It is not possible for all the children to excel in everything. Most of the children are not able to live up to their parent’s expectations. They give up and become arrogant. There is a huge chance that such children might turn to alcohol when they grow up. Some of them get addicted at a very young age also may be around 14  to 15 years of age.
 Stress has become a part of our life. Neither of the age group is stress-free. All the age groups are vulnerable to stress at any point in their life. Hence is found that they turn to alcoholism for relieving stress. Depending on alcohol to reduce the regular stress of life is one of the important reason for turning to alcohol use. People feel emancipated from stress and tensions. Drinking produces a feeling of happiness and makes them feel light headed. Alcohol drinking is hypnotic it makes the affected person feel out of the world. It gives the drinker feeling of being liberated. But the person doesn’t even realize when he gets used to this dangerous habit. Since it forces him to have for more.

2. Escape from reality:
Drinking alcohol can give some people an escape from the reality of the world. Everyone does not have the courage to face the harsh realities of life for most of the people. Most of them give up. They are unable to accept failure, loss, disease etc. In most of the cases to escape from these harsh realities of life, the person resorts to drinking alcohol. It provides them with a sense of relief from prevailing real problems of their life which occupy their mind throughout the day. They feel light headed as if they have forgotten all the prevailing realities. They feel drinking alcohol is the best way to escape from the realities of this world. But they don’t realize that continuous use of alcohol will gradually become a serious problem which not only affects them but also their loved ones.

 3.Cope with loss:
The biggest loss in a person’s life is losing a family member or friend. This can affect a person emotionally, physically and mentally. It is not easy to accept that the loved one is no more. People feel lonely and unhappy. They will also blame themselves for the loss. Some can also blame other people for the loss. At such a time most of the people who are not able to cope up with this loss become alcoholic. They feel alcohol can reduce their sorrow and help them to get through difficult times. They might sometimes feel hallucinated that the person they might have lost is talking to them or is accompanying them when they are in under the influence of alcohol.  Continuous Dependence on alcohol, even short term, can turn into a serious drinking problem.

4. Overcome anxiety
Some people have anxiety since childhood. This causes them to worry and be nervous every time. Drinking reduces a person’s shyness and makes him feel full of confidence. It also reduces his or her hesitation to take up a certain task. They feel it gives them the courage to be more comfortable and adaptive to difficult situations. Most of the people take a sip of alcohol when they have to perform some difficult task like a presentation, getting married, having children and to cope up with a huge responsibility. Continuous drinking to do every challenging activity can make them addictive. They will think without drinking alcohol, they won’t be able to handle the anxiety and pressure of their lives. Whenever assigned responsibility the addicts think that they will do well only if they have a sip of alcohol.

5. Break-up in love relationship:
 Most of the people who face a break up in their love relationship turn out to be serious drunkards. They might drink for two reasons either to gain the sympathy of their lover or to overcome the feeling of being dumped. Some of them will resort to drinking also to take revenge on their lover. They will always remember the humiliation of being rejected. These people will never accept the fact of being dumped and will get used to drinking to overcome this problem. Break-up is just a part of life and not its end. It is not difficult to overcome this problem. But people with a very weak willpower will never accept this fact and will surely become alcoholics.
 Those who are in a disturbed relationship might also become drunkards. Some people hold on to a relationship for a long time in order to avoid taunts and jeers of the society. Everyone must be aware of the fact that being in love with himself/herself is the most important thing. Unless a person learns to respect himself he/she will never be respected by others. Such persons usually take help from alcohol to forget the insult.

6. Helplessness:
When a person feels lonely and helpless he/she might tend to turn towards drinking. When no one is there to help and guide a person to deal with the prevailing problems of his or her life, the person takes help from alcohol. He/she thinks that drinking alcohol might give them the power to be independent. In some cases when people achieve the success they like to stay far away from other people. A person who has no family history of alcoholism might also resort to alcoholism if he/she feels helpless and lonely. Drinking doesn’t give any solution but for sure it helps them to escape from the prevailing problem.
7. Feels energetic and free:
People who have lost everything in life or have not achieved success feel energetic and free when they resort to alcohol. They feel the excessive energy to deal with the situation. They also feel courageous. When they are under the influence of alcohol they will feel courageous and can speak whatever they want. They will yell, trouble others, dance, work, etc which otherwise they wouldn’t have done. When they don’t drink alcohol they feel bonded and stressed. Such people feel drinking alcohol is necessary to handle every situation of life. Over a period of time alcoholism becomes their way of life. But the problem here is instead of taking help from the loved ones, the person finds solace in alcoholism.

8. Loneliness:
Feeling of being left out and lonely is the worst feeling that anyone could experience. It is very difficult to handle such a situation for a normal person. A person with weak willpower will definitely adopt drinking alcohol. When a person feels lonely in spite of having people around him he/she will turn towards drinking. Mostly these are the people who are very introverts. Sometimes extroverts who don’t share their problems with anyone but talk a lot can also turn to alcoholism. Some people have to stay lonely when they shift to another place in search of a job, after an argument with the family or n, after being left by the lover, etc. To deal with such a difficult situation, the person must either be very strong willed or courageous.

9. To find  his identity:
When a person is not respected or is always looked down upon by society, they feel as if they have lost their identity. Even people who are unsuccessful in their lives might feel relieved and on the top of the world under the influence of alcohol. In order to search their identity rather make the society realize their identity they will always resort to drinking. When they are drunk other people give lots of attention to the drunkards which makes them feel above the world. They feel they have achieved success even by grabbing the attention of the people. They also feel that they have established their individual identity by yelling and talking under the influence of alcohol. It gives them relief and comfort to have established their identity even if it is the identity of being a drunkard.

10. Neglect or abuse in childhood:
Family plays a very important role in shaping a person’s life. If someone is continuously neglected by the family members, he or she feels left out and may find solace in drinking. When parents and relatives continuously abuse a child or compare him/her to others, it has a long-lasting impact on the life of that child. Such a child will resort to drinking when he/she grows up. It is significant to give time to your child and understand his/her shortcomings. Every child will not grow up to become an engineer or a doctor. The parents need to find the area of interest of the child. They must motivate the child to do the activities he loves to do. These can be anything like singing, dancing, sports, etc. This will reduce the possibility of being neglected, compared or abused.

11. The Habit of alcoholism in family members:
When elders in the family have the habit of drinking alcohol, the children in the family will surely resort to drinking alcohol. Such children don’t find anything wrong in alcoholism. They will adopt alcoholism as the way of their lives. Parents are usually the ideals for their children. When parents don’t find anything wrong with drinking alcohol, children will follow in their footsteps. Hence experts also term alcoholism hereditary. Good habits start at home. Some parents have control over their drinking habits. But it is not necessary that the child will also turn out to be a controlled drinker. He might turn out to be an avid drinker.

12. Continuous abuse:
When a person is abused continuously he/she feels sad and left out. Abusing someone continuously is the worst thing to happen to someone. It reduces the confidence of the person and makes him feel useless and worthless. No one likes to be abused. But some ruthless people who have a good position because of job or money, never shy away from insulting and humiliating others. Some parents are so strict that they never understand the psychology of the child and insult him in front of everyone. This abuse doesn’t stop even when the child grows up. Such a person will feel stress relieved when the drink alcohol. Alcoholism is the best way for them to overcome the words of abuse.

13. Availability
Alcohol is available everywhere. It is the most widely used drink compared to others. Beer is the most consumed alcoholic drink. People can buy and use alcohol whenever and wherever they want. Since it is easily available people will not hesitate to buy it. They feel it is easy to get a bottle of beer rather than a soft drink. Most of them are unaware of the ill effects of alcohol.

14. Enjoyment:
Youth thinks that having alcohol is a must for enjoyment. Whenever there is a party or celebration, People will surely have alcohol. Some of them use alcohol to celebrate their success. Others use it as a style statement. People don’t understand that drinking alcohol is more like a punishment than fun.

15. Fashion:
In modern corporate world drinking alcohol is considered as fashion. Also, western influence on the youth has lead to excessive use of alcohol. Most of the youth don’t even realize when this fashion becomes a habit. This habit, later on, turns into a style of living and need which cannot be overcome. Overuse of alcohol makes the person aloof. No one really likes to gel with such a person. People like to maintain distance from such a person. Such people may find themselves in many risky situations. Sometimes they might give up on life and commit suicide.

16. Influence of Media:
Media is the window of the world. The youth of today is born with the media. They adapt to everything that they see on the television, internet, etc. Most of the movies today portray alcohol as a fashion trend or as a means to celebrate. Hence when children are in their youth years they imitate this kind of celebration. Western films also have a great impact on the youth of India. Most of the English films show the actors and actresses consuming alcohol. Indian youth copy them without understanding that the Westerner has to drink alcohol to keep themselves warm.

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