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Cure Asthma without medicine


My name is CA Kailash Mantry. I am a Life Coach and Mental Health Consultant. For the last 25 years, we cure more than 50 diseases. According to medical science and researchers, that this disease has no permanent cure, only “solution” being taking medicines and treating the symptoms.

Today we will talk about Asthma. Let’s understand the stages of Asthma, the first stage of Asthma is 100% curable. Over 40 crore people get affected by asthma. More than 4 lakh people die due to an asthma attack. This disease can occur at any age, but mostly it occurs in children.

Asthma has two symptoms psychological and physical. Due to asthma, 80% psychological people and 20% physical people get affected. There is a dialogue about Asthma; Asthma will go along with breath, that is wrong.  But people have believed in it, that they do not make any inquiry about how to get a cure nor they even try. Asthma is not long life disease. If it is the start of the disease It will be a cure in 10 days or if it is ten-year-old disease then It will be a cure in 100 days.


Further, we will talk about psychological reason; the psychological reasons are fear, insecurity, tension, stress, anxiety. Such people are very diplomatic, hypocritic; they do not share their thoughts, feel very helpless, think a lot of insignificant things, they believe because of the other people should not be hurt. If parents are very dominating or a family member is dominating, then it leads to asthma. If someone who can’t talk openly about fear then it leads to asthma. The critical factor of the physical reason is lack of oxygen. People who inhale oxygen that doesn’t reach up to lungs and slowly millions of air sacs closed the holes and made breathing swollen. Due to cold and cough breathing get disturbed.

If there is a lack of oxygen in the air, there would be a problem of asthma. If someone is smoking or there is pollution or pollution in a kitchen, then this disease is born. Some child has violence in their body by watching a violent movie, wrestling program they keep themselves quiet. Such children’s are very restless and helpless. Whenever their ground rules are conflicting, dos and don’t, or having family rules, then it leads to asthma. There are three main symptoms are breathlessness, chronic cold, and prolonged coughing. The main reason for asthma is a psychological and emotional disorder. Asthma easily affects a child because mother compulsory feed their baby.

Intake any dairy products it leads to cold and cough. Everyday products like bread, pizza, noodles it prevents dirtiness in the body due to dirtiness there Is no proper intake of asthma. The Gas becomes more in the body. It is also the significant reason that comes in asthma. Some people visit the naturalistic center to clean their body, one time they feel nice, but after a few days again there is a problem of intake of oxygen. Let’s talk about home remedies, what are resources we can do at home to control asthma. First Pranayama, as much as you intake oxygen so there would be control over asthma. Second, Drink hot things, if you drink Cinnamon tea five to 7 times a day, then there will be control of asthma. If you eat spicy food, drink hot soup, the body will be cold melt, and there will be fewer chances of an asthma attack.

What Foods to Avoid?

If you think there is asthma in you, Dairy product, i.e., milk products, Bakery product, Sour things like mango and pickle. Smooth things, i.e., oily products through these things it leads to an asthma attack. There is a significant role of acupressure to cure, temporary acupressure cure asthma. If the condition of asthma gets worse than it has to be admitted to the ICU to offer oxygen, this means that due to the lack of oxygen asthma comes. Whenever someone in your family member has an asthma attack, you must first be afraid, do not do anything in the panic way, As much as you can help him to take oxygen, you have to do it. This disease is 100% curable because its cause is psychological if it is the first stage is we cure in 10 days, or it is the last stage we heal in 100 days. This disease brings uncertainty, insecurity in people life,

Whenever it comes to exit, it still brings uncertainty and instability and man become restless, and he thinks when he will go out what will happen, and due to fear, asthma gets more aggravated. If you don’t stop this disease, there will be chances of lungs infection and attack of pneumonia. This disease is not very genetic. If the family lives in the palace of the family and parents also have asthma, it means that the same atmosphere and the same food that child eats, that leads to asthma. In asthma, there is a significant role of the inhaler in urgency & there would be temporary relief. Some people keep inhaler lifetime with them that is unwarranted. I am not going through a technical language like what is air sacs, what is swelling, what is an infection. I am talking in common man language that asthma is psychosomatic disease, we have seen more than 1000 patients of asthma in last two years, all patients having a factor of psychological, if we cure their psychology, and physically we cure through naturalistic, then there will be 100% recovery possible.

Lack of Confidence, Lack of Trust, Lack of love, not being critical in Family there are many reasons which cause asthma. Some people who take the inhaler more than 10 to 20 times in one day, in 10 days treatment I will hide inhaler.  In asthma, acupressure, Pranayama, food restrictions, body massage, exercise habits this is essential reasons to control asthma.

To know the cause of all this disease, we have developed a mind mapping test, we have written more than 300 reasons, a patient has to tick on purpose, whatever reason the patient is facing.

Asthma is 100% curable. If it is the first stage, it will get a cure in 10 days or if it is of 10 years old then also it will get a cure in 100 days. The main reasons for asthma are psychological and emotional.20 % reasons are physical, any treatment going of asthma is wrong. Temporary therapy like inhaler that brief medicines you have taken, but it’s not long-term treatment. Long-term treatment is a psychological and emotional disorder that has to deal with it, and it will be a 100% cure.

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