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What is Autism?

​Autism is caused by deep rooted anxiety, nervous breakdown, mental and emotional breakdown. There is no completely foolproof and concrete test to determine whether an individual is suffering from Autism.

We have developed Mind Mapping test, in this test we breakdown more than 50 reasons which might be responsible for causing autism. This disease usually gets detected when the child is around 3 years old. This disease according to our research is not because of any defect in the child, we are of the belief that the disease is caused due to the parents. Our study shows that if during pregnancy the mother is experiencing unhealthy amounts of stress, discomfort or is worried about outside factors, the child becomes susceptible to Autism. We have also researched that if the mother is facing negative emotions at the time of breastfeeding the child, it leads to autism as the negative emotions get sent to the child.

Myths About Autism

Our research shows that more than 75% of children suffering from Autism can be cured.

Autism can be further divided into three categories:

  • Mild Autism
  • Moderate Autism
  • Severe Autism

People believe that

  1. Autism cannot be cured.
  2. Autism is a neurological disorder.
  3. Autism is a Brain Disorder.

 All of these are False.

Autism can be cured. Autism is not a neurological or brain disorder.

What are the symptoms of Autism in Children?

The child is unable or faces difficulty making social contact with other children and parents. Such children are also very quiet and not very talkative. They may also be unable to feel and express emotions, especially emotions like happiness and excitement.

Other symptoms include: having difficulty concentrating on school work or games. Unusual behavior like being fixated on odd parts of toys, not communicating with parents, not responding to their name, etc.

Treatment for Autism

Parents usually first visit us when their child has difficulty speaking. They try to give the child speech therapy. This is a solution for the symptom not the disease the child is suffering from. It is not enough to help a child speak and do some simple work through occupation therapy. Many parents also send their children to special schools that cater only to special children. However, these are just ways to help deal with Autism, going to a special school, occupation therapist or speech therapist does not help cure Autism.

It takes us one to three years to completely treat a child with Autism. During the first year of treatment a child can gain 50% improvement in their condition. Our first concerns are the child’s ability to express emotions, concentration and speech.

For treatment of Autism, it’s important that the stress, anxiety, of the mother are eased. When the child sees ease and relax state of mother, there is naturally improvement in the child. Without the cooperation of parents in the treatment of Autism, it is impossible to treat this disease.

It can be said that this disease is not a manufacturing defect but a handling defect. We have seen more than two hundred children, I have spent 3 hours with them and their parents. And I am 100% assured that due to the parent’s anxiety, stress, tension, difference in opinion, domestic violence, and other such reasons Autism is formed in the child.

What are early signs of Autism?

Not making eye contact

Unable to Concentrate on People talking

Living in their own world

2% of children suffer from Autism, some maybe suffering from mild, moderate or severe autism.

How can parents reduce the risk of Autism?

Having a happy home environment

Family Planning

Ensuing Financial Stability

Happiness of the Mother

Making sure the Mother is not taking lots of Medicines

What is the cost of Treatment?

Due to the delicate nature of treatment and caring for a child suffering from Autism, it is expensive to treat Autism. In the U.S. a family spends approx. 1 Lakh USD per year on healthcare regarding autism. In India, we provide this treatment for fifty to sixty lakhs for one year. And it is our experience that the child is cured in two to three years.

It is very important that this disease is treated urgently by capable people. As the child grows the starts experiencing sexual desires, physical growth, hormones and violent tendencies. Such children are often looked down upon by society as problems and unwanted people.

At last, I would say parents don’t lose your hope, autistic children get cured, don’t believe everything that you read on Google, there is no medicine for this treatment. My name is CA Kailash Mantry. I am a Life Coach and Mental Health consultant. Thank you!!

Autism In English

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