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I am CA Kailash Mantry. I am a Life Coach and Mental Health Consultant. We have researched over 50 Diseases over the last 25 years which are treated without medicines by us. Today, I’ll be discussing Brain Stroke. Brain Stroke is a life-threatening disease which is caused due to Blood Pressure regardless of High/Low Blood Pressure. High Blood Pressure damages and weakens blood vessels. Low Blood Pressure causes a slow flow of blood. It creates a blockage. Due to the obstruction of blood vessels, blood supply to the brain also stops. Hence, oxygen and required nutrients do not reach our mind causing Brain Stroke. Every day, about 3000 to 4000 people experience Brain Stroke. In India, about 15 lakh of people suffer from Brain Stroke per year. Brain Stroke is usually experienced by people above 65 years of age comprising of 66% of total Brain Stroke Patients. And Brain Stroke is seen with Male as compared to Female. Also, Women who are above 35 years of age, smoking cigarette are under high risk of Brain Stroke.

There are two types of Brain Stroke:

  1. Mini Brain Stroke(recovery time- 24 to 48 hrs)

  2. Major Brain Stroke(recovery time -2 to 3 years)

Brain Stroke is noticed in all age groups, but older adults have the highest chances of an attack.

Let’s talk about its symptoms.

  • Unable to talk/communicate

  • Unable to understand things

  • Numbness on the face, arms, legs

  • Complete Blindness/blur view/double vision

  • A severe Headache

  • Vomiting

  • Dizziness

  • Unable to walk or balance your body

  • Disturbed Body Coordination

Main Reasons for Brain Stroke

  • Blood Pressure

  • High Cholesterol

  • Diabetes

  • Excessive Alcohol and Drugs intake

Psychologically, Anxiety is the main reason for Brain Stroke. They are used to stress, tension, and fearfulness. Confusion, indecisiveness, lack of confidence, lack of trust are few of the psychological reasons behind Brain Stroke. More than 50 such psychological reasons are causing physical illness which in turn cause Brain Stroke. It implies that the primary reasons for brain stroke are mental and emotional, which are ignored by the Doctors. Hence, when Mini Brain Stroke occurs at the age around 25 years, there are more than 25% chances that the person may suffer from Brain Stroke within next 4-5 years of the first stroke and may also suffer from other relevant diseases.

Complications due to Brain Stroke:

  • Paralysis – a mental condition in which patient becomes immobile, unable to swallow food, unable to talk, memory loss, unthoughtfulness. Due to Paralysis, a person may also suffer from Depression, stress, etc.

  • Unable to control emotions

  • Pain and numbness in various parts of the body

  • Abnormal sensations

  • Sensitive to temperature changes

What to eat after Brain Stroke

  • Avoid Fatty food

  • Say no to alcohol and smoking

  • Only raw and dry food

  • Avoid oily, spicy and non-vegetarian food

Avoid Greasy Food because it causes high cholesterol. Due to high cholesterol, blood pressure goes high. It takes many years to recover from Brain Stroke completely. Many are not able to fulfill their responsibilities.

What to do in the first 4 hours, if you find a person attacked by Brain Stroke in front of you?

First of all, lay them down and try to supply oxygen from whatever sources available near you. Secondly, do not allow other people to make a crowd near a patient, because this would decrease oxygen supply for the patient. Thirdly, the patient should reach the Hospital within 4 hours of Stroke. The hospital should compulsorily have a neurologist, and the hospital should be able to perform MRI, CT scan, and various other tests.

The neurologist should be capable of concluding whether there is blockage or damage in blood vessels. Both these conditions have different treatment. They should avoid any medicines. The only remedy for this condition is training them on how to control blood pressure and how to retain proper blood supply. The complete focus should be on Symptoms, i.e., how to manage symptoms. Such people should give Speech Therapy, Physiotherapy, Body Massage and skill development training. There are little chances for an individual to directly suffer from Major Brain Stroke. 70% of people first suffer from Mini Brain Stroke and if not treated suffer from Major Brain Stroke. If the patient is treated for Mini Brain Stroke immediately, chances of Major Brain Stroke are minimized. Statistics show Patients who left Mini Brain Stroke untreated are suffering from Major Brain Stroke within 4-5 years whose recovery is, i.e., 2 to 3 years. First, they are sent out to a rehabilitation center for six months. Then, they can be treated at their home only.

Those who smoke or are chain smokers, alcohol addictdrug addict, have high cholesterol, non-vegan eaters are highly prone to Brain Stroke. Also, aged people (above 50 years of age) are highly likely to Brain Stroke.

4-5 obstacles are noticed for recovery of Brain Stroke.

  • Reached Hospital lately, i.e., after 5 hours of brain stroke incident

  • Age more than 50 years

  • Wrong medication by Doctors within the first 12 hours of stroke

Three ways to recognize a Brain Stroke

  1. Ask the patient to both his hands high. If the patient has experienced the issues in raising hands or either or both the hands fall after growing them.

  2. Ask the patient to smile or say something. If you find some abnormalities in the patient’s smile or talk, then it’s a brain stroke.

  3. Lack of balance in the body. The patient is unable to walk or stand properly.

We have developed a Mind Mapping test to understand its cause, where we have framed more than 300 questions. Within 15 minutes the patient itself tells the origin of brain stroke. First, we treat them, and then we treat their physical symptoms. The recovery of this is speedy, patient cooperates with us and gets cured very soon. Such a patient should be mentally healthy, firm intention then there can be a functional recovery. More than 80% of a patient can improve within six months. We make them first mentally stable, and later they recover completely.

My name is CA Kailash Mantry. I am from Mumbai. But worldwide wherever you are, at the initial stage I can help you through video conferencing. For treatment, you have to come to Mumbai for a minimum of three months and a maximum of six months depending on your severe attack and your other health complication.

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