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Cure Cancer

I am CA Kailash Mantry. I am a Life Coach and Mental Health Consultant. We have researched over 50 Diseases over the last 25 years which are treated without medicines by us successfully. Conditions such as StammeringEpilepsyDyslexiaSchizophreniaBipolar DisorderAnxiety,DepressionInsomniaParkinson’s diseaseParalysisBrain Stroke, Cancer and many more other such conditions which cannot be treated by medicines but still have a medicine-free solution. 

Today we’ll talk about Cancer. The very first thing that flashes our mind after listening to the word Cancer is “Death”; Cancer is synonymous with Death. Research about Cancer in Medical Science has progressed quite far. They are successfully treating and saving the lives of Cancer patients. But their lives become purposeless because of the long-term medical treatment and hardships faced by them. Their lives seem become hell. 

Facts about Cancer:

  • More than 10 lakh people have Cancer every year.

  • More than 7 lakh people die due to Cancer every year.

  • Globally, one out of every two Male and one out of three Female are found to be Cancerous. Out of total Cancer population, 75% of them die due to Cancer.

  • There are 195 categories of Cancer.

Lung Cancer caused due to tobacco and pan chewing comprising 40% of the total cases. Cancer cases due to Drug and Alcohol addiction includes 20% of the total cases. Cancer due to Obesity contains 15% of them. Cancer due to personal hygiene/infection comprises 20%. Cancer is the second largest disease due to which people die. Every 30 seconds, one patient die due to Lung Cancer. Cancer can spread in the whole body within 48 hours.

Understand Cancer!

There are billions of billion cells in the human body. These cells start mutating and later on attract another cell in the process of mutation too. Due to this process, the tumor is formed. It is the first symptom of Cancer. Firstly, the doctors suggest a Biopsy. It takes 48 hours to generate a biopsy report concluding whether the tumor is cancerous or not. 58% of the people from the age group of 65 years and above are detected with Cancer.

Myths about Cancer:

  • Cancer is not hereditary.

  • Cancer is not contagious (by touch).

The cause of Cancer is a Psychological and emotional disturbance. So, old age people have high risks while kids and children are at very low risk. Medical Science can only delay the dangerous effects of Cancer but cannot wholly cure Cancer. We have entirely focused on removal psychological and emotional disturbance. There are some early signs of Cancer which can be recognized using a Stethoscope. Fear, Heavy breathing, and different kinds of unusual sounds from lungs.

Normal symptoms:

  1. Weight loss (more than 7-8 kgs without any reason)

  2. Unusual Fever

  3. Fatigue

  4. A persistent Cough

  5. Persistent indigestion

Causes of Cancer :

  1. Alcohol/Drug

  2. Chemical intake

  3. Diet

  4. Lack of Exercise

  5. Depression

  6. Psychological reasons

  7. Stress

  8. Sadness

  9. Restlessness

  10. Tension

  11. Excessive Fear

  12. Suppressed Anger

An individual intakes excessive alcohol or drugs due to pressure. Hence all these facts are interrelated and cause Cancer. Practically, if a person is stress-free, tension free, no Anxiety, no restlessness, fearless, then he can survive Cancer. Breast Cancer is found in Females who get married lately/gives birth to a child recently/can’t breastfeed her baby/having an immense struggle in life/incompleteness. Other reasons are lack of love, less intake of oxygen from air, improper diet. Chemotherapy and radiation are not successful in treating Cancer patients entirely but only postpones it. They are plating a significant role in patients life giving them a chance to change themselves. But 90% of the Cancer patients, after undergoing Chemotherapy or radiation do not change their lifestyles, thought process, feelings. They do not consult any life coach to rediscover their life.

What to eat when you are diagnosed with Cancer?

Wheat grass juice daily- 3 times in a whole day. Raw vegetables, fruits, Bitter guard juice, green juice, lime water.

Which food needs to avoid?

Heat is providing food like meat, eggs, cashew nut, oily and fried food, alcohol, tobacco, and sugar.

Sugar is the most dangerous edible cancer-causing item.

We have developed a Mind Mapping test to understand its cause, where we have framed more than 500 questions. Within 15 minutes the patient himself conveys the 50 main reasons causing Cancer. It has broadly seen that people accept depression, stress, tension, fear, suppressed anger, frustration, negativity and many more reason as the causes of Cancer. First, we treat them, and then we treat their physical symptoms. The recovery of this is speedy, patient cooperates with us and gets cured very soon. Such a patient should be mentally healthy, firm intention then there can be a functional recovery. Generally, this treatment can cure within 100 days, but 30-40% results can be seen within a month also. We let them live their lives as they want to live and enjoy their life. If we take care of these psychological reasons, then we can cure Cancer easily, and they can live their lives normally. Chemotherapy, Radiation Therapy and Surgeries are hell like treatments. Even we suggest these therapies to done after Cancer detection, but only once. Cancer is curable if psychological and emotional aspects taken into consideration.

My name is CA Kailash Mantry. I am from Mumbai. But worldwide wherever you are, at the initial stage I can help you through video conferencing. For treatment, you have to come to Mumbai for a minimum of three months and a maximum of six months depending on your severe attack and your other health complications.

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