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Online treatment programs By Kailash Mantry

We have started with our Online Treatment Programs For


For The following disease like:-
✓ Autism
✓ Asthma
✓ Anxiety/Panic attack
✓ Arthritis
✓ Alzheimer
✓ Bipolar Disorder
✓ Brain Stroke
✓ Cancer
✓ Depression
✓ Disturb child
✓ Drug addict
✓ Dyslexia
✓ Epilepsy/Fits
✓ Fear/ Phobia
✓ Family conflict
✓ Homosexual
✓ Insomnia
✓ Learning Disability
✓ Migraine
✓ Parkinson
✓ Paralysis
✓ Schizophrenia
✓ Sexual problem
✓ Stammering
✓ Sucide thought
And other Mental Illnesses
Without Medicine

First consultancy fees is Rs.1000/40 US$ For 15 minutes.

Personal Treatment 5000/125 US$ for 30mins

Group Treatment 15,000/500 US$ for 10 days.
(40mins Session daily)
(For first 20 Patient)

For more details
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Kailash Mantry

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What is Schizophrenia Disorder?


    Schizophrenia is some kind of challenging brain disorder that is often put in difficult to distinguish between what is real and what is unreal. It is a serious mental disorder in which people interpret reality abnormally. It is a combination of hallucinations and delusions. It is a psychiatric condition that includes the signs and symptoms of each schizophrenia and mood disease. According to the American Psychological Associations’ (APA), schizophrenia disorder consists of many diagnostic features of schizophrenia with mood component. 

Schizophrenia Disorder facts:

There are some facts about this order as follow;

  • Schizophrenia affects only 1% of the population.
  • Delusion, hallucinations are the symptoms of the schizophrenia disorder.
  • This disease usually manifests when a person is 20 years in his age.
  • 10% of people who are victim of this disorder, commit suicide or they got addicted of drugs or alcohol abuse problem. 

What is schizophrenia?

    Schizophrenia disorder strikes between the ages of 16 and 30. According to researcher males patients show the symptoms in younger age than females. On the other hand, it is also seen that this disorder develops so slowly that the affected person didn’t understand that he has been a patient of schizophrenia disorder for many years. But in some other cases, this disorder can attack suddenly and grow quickly. 

Symptoms of schizophrenia

Schizophrenic persons usually rely on them because they are unable to hold themselves. Many people weren’t even aware of this disorder and they believe that they didn’t have mental illness and nothing is wrong with them. Some of the patients present clear symptoms, but on the other occasions, they may seem fine until they start explaining what they are truly thinking. The symptoms of schizophrenia vary from person to person on the basis of different family and environmental background. 

  • Positive symptoms

Positive symptoms are also known as psychotic symptoms. Hallucinations and delusion are the positive symptoms. 

  • Negative symptoms

Negative symptoms are referring to elements which are taken away from the person who are in schizophrenia disorder.

  • Cognitive symptoms

Cognitive symptoms refer to difficulties with concentration and memory. It can include disorganized things and difficulty understanding.

  • Emotional symptoms

Schizophrenic people have a lack of emotion expression like, lack of eye contact blank or restricted facial expressions. 

Below is a list of the major symptoms:

  • Hallucinations

People with schizophrenia experience a wide range of hallucinations like hearing voices in much more common than seeing. Even feeling, smelling and tasting things which are not there. Basically, these are all things in the schizophrenic person.

  • Delusions

In this state of mind schizophrenic persons displays false beliefs which can take many forms, such as delusion of persecution or delusions of grandeur. Sometimes they feel that somebody else is controlling them remotely. Or the other people controlling his mind and actions. They may also think that they have some strange powers and capabilities through which they can do anything.

Some other symptoms may include:

  • Lack of motivation – The patient loses their drive. Even everyday actions such as washing, cooking are neglected.
  • Social withdrawal

The patients boycott the social activities and they start living in isolation. They start thinking that if they become social then maybe somebody will harm them. They isolated themselves from social happenings.  

  • Unawareness of illness

As the visualizations and dreams appear to be so genuine for patients, they don’t believe that they are ill and things around them are unreal. They may decline to take prescription because of the fear of the reactions, or for dread that the medicine might be poison, for instance. 

  • Cognitive difficulties

The patient’s ability to concentrate affected badly. They face difficulty to recall, plan ahead, and to organize their life. Communications becomes more difficult for affected person. 

What are the causes of schizophrenia?

Although researcher belived that the exact causes of schizophrenia are unknown. Having said that there are some environmental factors and psychological and physical genetic factors can make a person more likely to develop the condition. Exporters believe several factors are generally involved in contributing to the onset of schizophrenia.

Genetic inheritance

The chances of developing it are less than 1 percent if there is no history of schizophrenia in a family. But on the other hand this percentage goes to 10 percent if a single person diagnosed a patient of schizophrenia. 

Family Relationships

It is not found or proven or even indicated that family relationships cause schizophrenia. However some schizophrenic patients believe that family tensions are responsible to lead them to schizophrenia. 

Environmental factors

In spite of the fact that there is no clear evidence, many speculate injury before birth any viral contaminants may add to the development of the disease. Unpleasant encounters frequently proceed the emergence of schizophrenia. But people with schizophrenia become bad-tempered, nervous and unfocused. They may face relationships problems like sexual orientation or divorce breakups. These factors are blamed for the development of the diseases. It is extremely difficult to know whether schizophrenia caused certain stresses or occurred as a result of them. 

Drug Addiction

Some researchers believe that certain prescription drugs, such as steroids and stimulants, can cause schizophrenia. 

Treatments for schizophrenia

Study shows that with proper treatment and medication the schizophrenic patients can live productive lives. Treatment can help relieve many of the symptoms of schizophrenia. But it is a fact that the majority of the patients with this disorder have cope with the symptoms for life. According to the psychiatrists, the most fruitful treatment for schizophrenia patients is usually a combination of medication, psychological counseling and self-help resources.

The common schizophrenia medications are as follows:

Risperidone (Risperdal): Much less sedating than other atypical antipsychotics. Weight gain and diabetes are feasible facet effects, less probable to happen, in comparison with Clozapine or Olanzapine. 

Olanzapine (Zyprexa) – it can also improve the natgive symptoms. But in this medication the risk of serious weight gain and the development of diabetes are significant. 

Haloperidol – it is another medication which is used to treat schizophrenia. It has a long- lasting effect.

Clozapine (Clozaril)  – this kind of medication can reduce the suicidal behaviors in patients with schizophrenia.

Ziprasidone (Geodon) – the risk of weight gain and diabetes is lower than other atypical antipsychotics. However, it might contribute to cardiac arrhythmia. 

Types of Schizophrenia

There are several types of schizophrenia.

Paranoid schizophrenia

Paranoid schizophrenia is the most common type of schizophrenia disorder. It is developed later in life than other types of schizophrenia. The symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia are hallucinations and delusion. This type of disorder the person’s speech and emotions are not affected.

Hebephrenic Schizophrenia

It is also called ‘disorganized schizophrenia’, this type of schizophrenia usually develops in age 15 to 25. There are some certain symptoms of this order such as short-lasting hallucination, delusions, disorganized behaviors and thoughts. An affected person may have disorganized speech patterns that others may find it difficult to understand. People with disorganized schizophrenia often show little or no feelings in their facial expressions, voice tone, or mannerisms. At instances they have inappropriate emotional responses to the situation, such as giggling at something.

Catatonic Schizophrenia

Catatonic schizophrenia is the most rare disorder diagnosis so far. This is type of disorder people switch their behavior instantly. They can switch between being very active or very still. Sometimes affected people do not talk much but after a moment they mimic others speech and movement.

Undifferentiated schizophrenia

This is another type of schizophrenia where an affected person shows some signs of paranoid, hebephrenic or catatonic.

Residual schizophrenia

If a person has a history of psychosis, he may be victim of this residual schizophrenia disorder. In this type of disorder a person experiences negative symptoms like low movement, poor memory, concentration and a poor hygiene. 

Simple Schizophrenia

With simple schizophrenia, the negative symptoms like slow movements and poor memory are more prominent and become worse even. In this disorder it is very rare to experience positive symptoms.

Cenesthopathic Schizophrenia

In this type of disorder a person experiences body sensations.

Unspecified schizophrenia

Some patients feel multiple symptoms of schizophrenia and do not fit in to any of the above categories. 

Schizophrenia diagnosis and tests

Usually schizophrenia disorder diagnosis by the observing and actions of the person. If a doctor doubts the schizophrenia in a person, they will need to know about the patient’s medical and psychiatric history. 

There are certain types of test which are needed to identify whether a person has schizophrenia disorder or not, such as:

Blood tests – blood tests are necessarily to identify that if a person has been taking drugs or not. Blood tests are also done to exclude physical causes of illness.

Imaging studies – imaging studies are necessarily to take to identify that a person has tumors or any kind of problems in the structure of brain. 

Psychological evaluation – in this process doctors will assess the patient’s mental state by asking questions about his moods, thoughts about the things, moods, hallucinations, suicidal thoughts. A person’s ideologies tells more to the specialist to identify if a person has this order or not. 

Early Signs of Schizophrenia

There are several cases where is observed that schizophrenia appears suddenly with any warning or symptoms. But usually it comes on slowly with warning signs. Family members or friends will know early that something is wrong with the person but they didn’t identify lack of knowledge that he is becoming the victim of schizophrenia disorder. 

In the early symptoms of the schizophrenia disorder is that person becomes unmotivated, emotionless to others. He starts living in isolation and begins neglecting the appearances.

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Best Mental Hospital in Mumbai

November 2, 2018

 In today’s world of technology where people give importance to physical health. Very few people pay attention to their mental health. They never take care of their mental health and the mental health of the people around them. Maintaining a sound balance between physical and mental health is extremely important.

People having mental illness will never be accepted by the society and its members. Most of them are admitted in mental hospitals which are also known as mental asylums. Maximum people admitted in the mental hospitals face innumerable problems which lead to death in most of the cases. According to me, mental illness can be treated without being admitted to mental hospitals and without consuming many medicines.

There are various kinds of mental illnesses like a Migraine, Epilepsy, Schizophrenia, Insomnia, Depression and many other diseases. All these diseases can be treated without medication. Medicine will not only make one senseless but also postpone the disease. Majority of patients in the mental hospital are schizophrenics.

These patients are not accepted in society even after their recovery. The mental patient remains a mental patient forever as social acceptance is extremely rare. People don’t accept them either because of fear or due to social stigma. 


For several years human beings are unable to check as well as describe human behaviour. After scrolling through pages of history one will find three main types of conceptions prevailing about mental illness since ages.

Supernatural intervention:

It is human tendency to blame the supernatural when they are unable to find the reason for the irrational behaviour of a person. People feel that an evil spirit has affected the mentally imbalanced person. Some of them consider the mental patient to be under the influence of some devil. They find that the supernatural force has captured the mind and soul of the person and so they are behaving differently.

Biological reasons:

It has been a tradition to consider that psychological disorders are caused because of biological reasons. Biology of an individual has rarely to do anything with psychological problems. But maximum people consider biology as one of the reasons for psychological disorders.

Psychological causes:

This is a base to modern treatment of psychology. It focuses on psychological, social and cultural factors. Many psychologists wrote of the importance of thoughts, dreams, etc and this led to further developments in the study of human behaviour.


1. Mental wellness is less important:

          This is one of the most common and prevalent myth perceived by maximum people. They think that physical health is the most important thing and give very less importance to mental health. If your body deserves care, doesn’t your mind deserve it?

 Most of the people ignore mental health. This results in grave physical and mental problems. People exercise or eat only to benefit their physical health. Mental health is never taken into consideration.

2. Mental illness is incurable:

          Though most of the mental disorders are curable, people consider mental illness incurable. With this thought in mind, many families just give up on the mental patient in their family. They are also ashamed to take their affected family member to an expert.

It can be cured with guidance from a proper life coach. Medicines have nothing to do with the mental disorder. Accepting this disease and trying to find a solution out of it is more important rather than ignoring and not accepting it.

3. Mentally ill people are violent:

          It is proved from time to time that mentally ill people are not violent but they are the victims of violence. A very small percentage of people with the grave mental condition might become violent. Experts opine that the majority of people who commit suicide were having some or the other mental disorder. These patients will be violent towards themselves rather than others.

          90% of these patients will never talk to others. Hence the question of being violent toward others is meaningless. These patients will not trouble anyone unless someone has harassed them. Research has found that the number of crimes committed on the mental patients is more compared to the crimes committed by them. However, some people might take the fake support of mental disorder to hide their crime.

4. Mental illness is a sign of weakness:

Mental illness is not a sign of weakness. Mentally ill persons are considered unfit for a responsible tax. These patients are even afraid to undergo treatment due to societal pressure. Mental illness is a real health issue that needs expert advice.

5. Mentally ill persons can’t be employed:

Only untreated mentally unstable people are incapable of doing daily chores or attaining the job. When accurate medical attention is given to the patient, they will be able to lead a normal life and will achieve a good position in their respective jobs. It is important to accept mental illness and take accurate medical treatment. After proper consultation mental patients can be considered for their respective jobs. They can even do better than before in other words, their performance will surely improve.

6. Only medication can heal mental illness:

Medication may or may not be important in the process of curing mental disorders. Curing mental disorder requires proper counselling sessions. Only medicines are not suitable for the treatment. In fact, NIMH has accepted that there is no medicine for mental illness.

7. All mental illnesses are the same:

The term mental illness refers to a wide range of mental disorders. It may include depression, ADHD, etc. Some of the mentally ill patients lead a normal life while others will face problems forever. Many people in India consider that mental illness is the same everywhere.

                 These myths must be overcome and they should not stop any mental patient or his family from getting accurate treatment. Immediate expert attention is needed in order to overcome mental problems and lead a normal life.


 The Psychiatric or mental hospital is a place where people with mental disorder are admitted with a hope of improvement. Psychiatric hospitals differ in the kind of therapy provided. Some of them specialize in short-term treatment others in long-term treatment. This hospital is also known as a mental hospital, lunatic asylum or mental asylum.

 The Long time ago, mental asylums used violent means to restrain the patient like tying them to their beds for days or even months. These are replaced by modern hospitals where the therapy is planned by using evidence. At our centre for treatment, the patient has treated completely without any medication but 100% results.


 There are different types of mental hospitals depending on the type of patients they house

Crisis Stabilization:

 This is the department of the mental asylum where critical patients are admitted. Most of them deal with violent or suicidal patients.

Open units:

These units are used to keep patients who are not extremely suicidal. These units focus on improving the lives of the patients who are on the verge of discharge. Nevertheless, patients are not permitted to possess their medicines due to fear of overdose. Some open units are unlocked while others are still locked depending on the category of patients who are admitted.


This is kind of hospital gives treatment that lasts for long period. Several weeks are needed to get the effect of the therapy. Here the patient is monitored and then the therapy is decided. It makes the treatment effective.

Juvenile wards:

These type of hospitals specialize in treatment for children and adolescents with mental problems.

Long-term care facilities:

These type of hospitals provide assistance with a motive to rehabilitate these people into society. These hospitals try to achieve the goal within two or three years.

Halfway houses:

In this category of institution, a mentally ill patient is allowed to stay for a long period of time. These are one of the most important types of hospitals for mental patients. They can be run only after proper help from the authorities.

Political imprisonment:

These institutions generally house mental patients who are political prisoners for some punishment.

Secure Units:

In these type of hospitals, we find patients who are detained by courts for treatment before being sentenced to further punishments.



(NIMHANS) NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR MENTAL HEALTH AND NEUROSCIENCES is the largest and number one mental hospital in India located in Bangalore. This institution promotes technological innovations, to match the standards maintained around the world. Here training is provided to neuroscience students and professionals. This institute also imparts technical knowledge to nursing students and professionals who work for mental patients.

2. PGIMER, Chandigarh:

The Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research in Chandigarh is an educational, medical research and training for students.

3. Vidyasagar Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences, New Delhi(VIMHANS):

This hospital provides Emergency care for mental patients. It is specialized to offer Psychological services for various mental problems.

4. Central Institute of Psychiatry:

This institute is situated in Kanke, Ranchi in Jharkhand of India. It is the largest psychiatric hospital in Asia with a bed capacity of 643. Wards were built during the British Raj. It is an open hospital where patients are not restricted to rooms. They can roam freely within the area of the hospital. Individualized patient care is one of the main attractions of this hospital.

5. IHBAS, New Delhi:

The Institute of Human Behaviour and Allied Sciences was earlier known as Hospital for Mental Diseases, Shahadara. It specializes in research of neurosciences.

6. Antara, Kolkata:

This hospital has a team of psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, psychiatric social workers, etc. This team helps the patients to recover from their psychiatric problems. This hospital deals with patients having Depression, stress, phobia, mental retardation, etc.

7.Yerwada Mental Hospital, Pune:

This is one of the oldest and largest mental hospitals in India. Most of the patients with high mental disorders from Maharashtra are admitted in Yerwada Mental Hospital.

8. Dharwad Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences, Karnataka (DIMHANS):

This hospital was started as a Lunatic asylum by the British Government. Presently it deals with teaching psychiatric professionals. It also caters to the need of mental patients.

9.Mon, Kolkata:

This is a non-profit organization started by mental health professionals. This institute not only works for the well being of mental patients but also creates awareness in the area of mental health. It also motivates research in this field.

10. Lumbini Park Mental Health and Neuro Sciences, Karnataka:

This hospital specializes in care for mental patients. It ensures rehabilitation, community-oriented services and research activities in the area of Mental health.


Bipolar disorder

It is a severe mental disorder or illness.  Here the person will experience high and low moods. Sometimes the patient is extremely energetic and rest of the time they will be depressed.

Persistent depressive disorder

This type of mental illness interferes with the regular life of a person.

Generalized Anxiety disorder

This includes being nervous before a presentation.  This patient will be worried about little things in everyday life.

Major depressive disorder

This condition is also known as clinical depression. The Patient feels extremely sad and hopeless. They will experience suicidal instincts.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

This type of patient will experience repetitive thoughts or obsessions.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Here the patient experiences mental illness after experiencing a traumatic event like being raped, war, natural calamities, etc.


In this category, the patient will live in an imaginary world which is far from reality. Hallucinations, hearing voices, etc are the main features of a schizophrenic patient. It is extremely dangerous if left untreated. This patient can harm himself as well as people around him.

Social anxiety disorder

These patients have a phobia of being around other people. They will never feel comfortable. They will be nervous to attend social gatherings or to meet new people.


Following are some common features of all types of mental illness:

  • eating less or too much.
  • unable to have a sound sleep.
  • being aloof or away from people and avoiding the activities that they liked
  • feeling tired and energy-less.
  • feeling motionless or no mercy
  • body pains without any reason
  • resorting to smoking, drinking or drugs.
  • memory loss, anxiety, fear, anger, confusion, etc.
  • getting involved in a fight or argument with loved ones
  • mood swings. sometimes very happy other times extremely sad
  • hallucinations or flashbacks that are hard to overcome
  • hearing voices constantly which are unstoppable
  • hurting themselves or others
  • inability to do regular chores
  • stress and tensions of trivial issues


Mental illness not only affects one’s life to a great extent. It will have an impact on every area of a person’s life.

1. Mental Illness affects physical health:

While dealing with mental illness, physical health is affected. It becomes difficult to pay attention to the well being of physical health due to mental issues.

2. It affects one’s career:

Most of the employers will refrain from appointing a person with mental illness for a job in their firm or organization. The person who has mental this problem will find it difficult to maintain his work balance in the job. This happens due to the side effects of the medicines or symptoms of mental issues.

3. It can affect education:

A child with mental illness will not be able to cope up with studies in the college or school. Most of the schools are not efficient in providing sufficient help to such students. As a result, such children have to give up their education. The child remains a drop out for his entire life.

4. Difficulty to survive in their own house:

In some cases, a mental patient finds it difficult to survive in his own house. They might need help and support from their family members. Family members are fed of the actions of these people so most of them are not allowed to go out. They are kept restricted to one room.

5.Effect on parenting:

While a woman is taking medicines for mental illness, there is a possibility that it might affect her unborn child. Hence such females should take medical advice if they are planning to conceive.

6. Vacations:

Family members or loved ones of the mental patient never get any relaxation during their holidays. Most of their holidays are spent on look after such patients. They will get hardly any time for relaxation.

7.Effects spirituality:

Spirituality might be affected by mental illness. Such patients will lose their faith in God and will never believe in his presence due to the problems they are going through.

8. Social stigma:

An individual with mental illness will carry the stigma of being a mental patient throughout their life, even after they are cured. These people will never overcome the problems that they will face due to this tag.

9.Decreased quality of Life:

The quality of life of a mental patient will always be very low. They will have to face many difficulties to cope up with regular activities.


Lack of employment will leave the mental patient reeling in poverty. Others who are still able to maintain their jobs will find a reduction in their potential to work which might lead to poverty.

11. Abuse:

Mental patients might face abuse from their family or society throughout their lives.

12. Effects on the family:

Immediate family of a mental patient will have to face many challenges while caring for them. They will find the loss in productivity in their respective jobs. The task of looking after their mentally ill family member is extremely tedious. It will consume their energy and money. Sometimes they might land into poverty. They will not be able to cope up with regular work.

13. Effects on Society:

One of the most common effects on any society is the effect on the Gross national product due to money spent on mental illness and loss of productivity due to mental patients. Mental patients rarely portray jeopardous behaviour or violence but sometimes there can be anger outburst.


 In the medical field, there is a criterion for any situation to be called a disease. For example, fever is a symptom and typhoid is a disease. Mental diseases exist but there is no medical evidence in simple words medical science have not proved the existence of any mental disorder. There are not tests like the x-rays or the brain scan which can prove mental illness.

  According to Dr David Kaiser, psychiatrist, “…modern psychiatry has yet to convincingly prove the genetic/biologic cause of any single mental illness…Patients [have] been diagnosed with ‘chemical imbalances’ despite the fact that no test exists to support such a claim, and…there is no real conception of what a correct chemical balance would look like.”

 Psychiatry only records the emotions and behaviours and labels them as a disease to market their medicines. It cannot be considered science but a marketing strategy. Dr.Thomas Szasz, Professor of Psychiatry Emeritus, said that ” There is no blood or other biological tests to ascertain the presence or absence of a mental illness, as there is for most bodily diseases.”


Famous psychiatrists around the world have admitted that they are unaware of the causes of mental illness. Even agencies such as The World Psychiatric Association and the US National Institute of Mental Health have accepted and admitted the same. There are only theories and opinions about the cure or symptoms of mental disorders. Most of these theories have no scientific base.


“[T]here are no tests available for assessing the chemical status of a living person’s brain.

– Elliot Valenstein, PhD  author of ‘Blaming the Brain’

Mental illness is caused due to the chemical imbalance in the brain is a baseless theory. It has hardly any evidence till date.


Unites States has spent billions on Mental health programmes but they were a clear failure. There is a huge misunderstanding that the psychiatrist and their medicines can cure the mental disorder. Most of them are not able to cure the mental illness completely.


 According to Dr Joseph Glenmullen (Psychiatrist, from Harvard Medical School) and David Kaiser (Psychiatrist), science has not been able to successfully prove that gene or biology is the cause of mental illness.


A Psychiatrist also cannot estimate the dangerous ill effects of the medicines they prescribe. The working of these drugs is an unknown process. These medicines have the power to kill. They can double the risk of suicide. It can lead to lifetime physical or mental damage. Even NIMH  does not refer to any medical service for mental health. It also never recommends any drug for the same. Let us understand the Common side effects of the medicines given during mental illness.

  • suicidal instinct
  • heart attack
  • sudden death
  • Panic attacks
  • restlessness
  • Weight gain



 These medicines are mostly used for patients with depression, anxiety and insomnia. Some patients might respond well but not all. It is not easy to stop these medicines. Stopping them might lead to withdrawal symptoms. FDA has enlisted the common side effects of antidepressants like Nausea and vomiting, gaining weight, feeling sleepy, sexual disorder, diarrhoea, etc.


These medicines lower the symptoms of panic attacks, too much fear or worry. They are used to reduce symptoms or anxiety such as trembling, rapid heartbeat and sweating that patients with phobia experience. These symptoms might be prevalent in people have fear of a situation like public speaking.

 People become dependent on these medicines and it becomes like an addiction. Sometimes these patients might develop withdrawal symptoms on stopping these medicines suddenly. Other side effects include drowsiness, unclear vision, headache, fatigue, panic, bad dreams, dizziness, weak memory, joint pain, constant urination, muscle pain, rash, swelling in eye or face, seizures, breathing problems, unclear speech, suicidal instincts, etc.


These medicines are used to treat ADHD. These medicines are thought to balance blood pressure, increase attention and energy, etc. These medicines are not prescribed to the old. It is also used for the treatment of narcolepsy and rarely for depression. Side effects of people consuming stimulants are insomnia, reduced appetite, stomach ache, headache, etc. Sometimes they can also make the individual emotionless or repetitive with sounds and motion.


Antipsychotic medicines are generally prescribed to patients having schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, severe depression also known as psychotic depression, dementia, etc. They relive the patients who live in an imaginary world with hallucinations or false beliefs). These medicines don’t cure the mental illness, it only gives relief from symptoms. If an antidepressant medicine is not relieving the mental patient then these medicines are used for depression also.

Relapse of symptoms or worsening of them is one of the most important side effects of this medicine when it is stopped. According to FDA, drowsiness, dry mouth, constipation, vomiting, nausea, low blood pressure, restlessness, unusual weight gain, blurred vision, low count of white blood cells, uncontrolled movements, etc. Another important side effect is tardive which causes unusual and uncontrolled muscle movement around the mouth.


Mood stabilizers are used for patients with bipolar disorder, mania and constant mood changes due to other mental diseases. Other diseases that are treated using mood stabilizers are depression, schizoaffective disorder, etc. Itching, rash, excessive thirst, constant urination, shivering of hands, blurred vision, hallucinations, swelling of the face, tongue, hair loss, etc.


Everyone who takes mental illness medicines is vulnerable to their side effects. But the above three are more likely to face problems. Let us discuss all three of them.


Some medicines prescribed for children and adolescents can have a long-term effect on the children. They might develop a dependency on these medicines. They might have neurological problems, physical issues, etc.


People above the age of 65  need to be extremely careful while consuming these medicines. They are more prone to reactions of these medicines. Their body is already a week to process the medicine. It can affect their memory, sharpness, attention span, etc.


There is a huge risk if any woman is on medication during her pregnancy. These women should avoid mood stabilizers as they can lead to side effects on the unborn child. The child might face problems in breathing, vision, etc. Though most of these symptoms go away with age. It will not lead to death. Antidepressants should also be avoided as they may affect the fetus. A pregnant woman should always be happy and mentally stable. Her family plays a huge role in keeping her happy.

How to cure mental illness without medicines:

 Mental health has been one of the most important and discussed issue these days Mental illness does not require professional care. Half of the mentally ill patients show no improvement even after consuming a heavy dose of medicines. Others who feel little relieved might face many side effects.  These medicines lead to weight gain, sexual problems, muscle pulls, increase irritation, suicidal desires. Other risks might include ovarian cancer, lung cancer, heart attack, diabetes, etc.

  Mental health has been a growing concern all across the globe. Many people try out different drugs until they find the one that perfectly helps cure their problems. Such experimentation, not only proves harmful due to the side effects that some drugs come with, but also demoralizing. Although mental illness does require professional care for proper treatment, yet there remain some things that you can include in your own treatment plan to help better.

Following are some of the ways which will help to cure the mental patients without medicines.

1. Change in daily routine and home remedies

 This method is extremely helpful to get rid of mental illness of the methods are to avoid consumption of alcohol and drugs. Resorting to a healthy lifestyle by consuming nutritious food will help the brain to work properly.  Using omega-3 fatty acids which are in fish oil will reduce mental issues.

2. Mental health exercises

There are many exercises that are not only helpful to the body but also help the mind. Swimming is one of the best exercises. Dancing not only gives positive energy but also relaxes the mind. Walking and jogging are helpful for heart health and strength of mind. Regularly following a routine of these exercises will reduce the signs of many mental issues. Following are some of the exercises that help our brain.

Striking a power pose.

This power poses help in reducing mental issues like anxiety.

Listening to music.

Music relaxes your mind and body. Many psychiatric patients who listen to music recover faster than those who don’t listen to music.

Recurring muscle relaxing exercise:

 In this method, the patient is told to tighten his muscles and thereafter relax them. It can be accompanied by light music. Practising progressive muscle relaxation.

3. Yoga for mind and body:

Yoga has been accepted worldwide as a key to good health. Recent studies have found that yoga poses are good for increasing one’s self-esteem and boosting energy. It will also help to boost ones mental health. Yoga soothes the mind and body.

4.Attending or arranging awareness programmes:

 Very few people in India give importance to Mental health in comparison to physical health. They are not aware of the signs and symptoms of mental illness like OCD, depression, etc. Mostly due to lack of awareness about the relationship between mental health and other health issues, people resort to wrong methods of overcoming it. Arranging awareness programmes or attending some of them can be extremely helpful to such patients. Knowing the mental disorder that one is suffering from is extremely crucial.

“People talk about physical fitness, but mental health is equally important. I see people suffering, and their families feel a sense of shame about it, which doesn’t help. One needs support and understanding. I am now working on an initiative to create awareness about anxiety and depression and help people.”

-Deepika Padukone

5.Mental health in teens

Teenagers might fall prey to mental disorders more often compared to the adults and children. Maximum parents are unaware of the symptoms of mental illness. Hence they will ignore the behavioural changes in their child. Following are some signs and symptoms in teenagers that indicate a mental disorder. They should never be ignored.

  • sleeping for a longer period of time
  • sudden dislike of favourite hobbies or in regular activities
  • poor academic performance
  • reduction of weight or change in eating habits
  • anger or aggressive behaviour.
  • low self-esteem.

6. Eliminate certain causes that might lead to mental illness:

 It is important to recognize and get rid of some of the causes of mental illness like intake, of harmful toxic substances, medicines, certain diseases, imbalance caused due to hormones, allergies due to certain eatables, parasites and yeast infections like candida.

7. Eat healthy food:

 Whatever we eat strengthens our body and mind. It is extremely important to ensure that we are eating healthy food which has nutrients such as vitamins, amino acids, minerals, etc.  We should also fish oil and fruits which are extremely good for mental health. Food containing low sugar can also increase the energy of mind and body.  Intake of such healthy food will act as fuel for the brain to function properly.

8. Give up bad food and unhealthy living choices:

 Avoiding unhealthy food like fried food items which contains trans fats. It is extremely harmful to your brain and other organs of your body these can be replaced with healthy foods like fish, vegetables, etc. Stop using harmful substances like drugs, alcohol, tobacco, etc. An unhealthy diet can affect the entire working of your body and reduce its immunity.

9. Sound Sleep:

 Sound sleep is the key to a healthy lifestyle. Getting sufficient sleep is crucial for a healthy lifestyle. Reducing even few hours from your daily sleeping routine might disturb your mental health, energy and aura. It can also lead to depression and other mental issues. One must avoid using mobile phones or watching television at night time. These things might act as a hurdle to your sleep. It is always better to resort to natural methods of sleeping rather than depending on sleeping pills. They can lead to mood swings.

10.Quality of Life:

 Poor quality of life is one of the most important causes of Mental illness. Unhappiness, dissatisfaction, neglect, hatred, etc. are some of the reasons for the low quality of life. One must focus on the positive sides of things rather than paying attention to negative things. In order to improve our lives, we must learn new techniques and skills, recognize our aim in life, never compare with others, move ahead in life, etc. Exercising is also one method to improve our situation and overall health.

11. Social Support:

 Overcoming mental illness is not the work of a single person. Society is an important part of everyone’s life. In spite of putting efforts to overcome mental disorders single-handedly, they need help from the loved ones and society. Peer support and support from family members can prove helpful to such patients.

12.  Stay in an open environment:

 Going out in the heart of nature is crucial for maintaining sound mental and physical health. Spending time under trees reduces stress. It also helps to maintain normal blood pressure and heartbeat. Open air and sunlight play a significant role in maintaining the mental health of a person. It will not only boost the level of Vitamin D but also help in improving the mental balance of the person.

13. Exercise:

 A Regular exercise routine is better than medicines. Running, weight lifting, etc can soothe anxiety levels. It also removes stress and depression. Exercise is not only important to the body but also mind. It improves blood circulation, boosts energy, gives confidence, reduces anxiety, etc. Most importantly when the body becomes fit, the mind is sure to become fit as well.

14. Meditation:

 Meditation and breathing exercises help to relieve the stress levels of an individual. They will also soothe the person from his prevailing anxiety. It helps the person to improve his concentration levels. It improves the ability to concentrate on certain things. It brings a positive attitude towards life.

 Whenever people meditate, they are able to forget the pains and worries that are prevailing in their lives. It can also remove the burden of mental illness.

15. Self-care:

 Giving importance to ourselves is extremely significant. People generally give time and care to other family members and avoid themselves and their health. It is totally acceptable to take care of yourself and give some time to yourself. Especially woman is found to dedicate the least time to themselves.

 Everyone should remember that ‘No one can take care of yourself except you’. In fact, by taking care of yourself, you will be a better parent. Most of the parents only take care of their children and avoid their health. Unless we have sound health how can we dedicate time to our family members?

16. Social Support:

 Mental illness cannot be overcome alone. Man is a social animal and he will be affected by the moods and behaviour of the society.  Peers and family can be a great help for a mentally ill patient. Communication is a key to improvement. We should make sure to have ample talks with the affected person. Sometimes stress and anxiety are relieved through a short session of talks.

 It also inculcates a positive attitude towards life. Support from loved ones is a great relief to such patients. It also motivates the person to take up challenging tasks. Most importantly it gives confidence to the person that he can improve his situation.



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How to cure Alcohol Addiction Naturally

October 1, 2018

There are varied consequences and types of Alcohol addiction. I have categorized them, groups, Short-term and Long-Term Consequences. Let us discuss both of them.

A. Short term ill effects of alcoholism:
 When a person consumes alcohol for the first time he feels happy and stresses relieved. When the alcohol mixes with the blood it affects the brain and so people feel relaxed. But this may lead to certain problems. Let us discuss a few short-term effects of alcohol.

1. Sleeplessness or fatigue
 Having a sound sleep is very significant in order to maintain the physical and mental health of our body. Loss of sleep is one of the main side effects of alcoholism. An alcoholic will never get a sound sleep and will always feel tired Throughout the day the person will look wimpy and dull. Lack of sound sleep might lead to many health issues. A drunkard will feel sleepless due to the urge of alcohol. He will be fatigued throughout the day due to lack of sleep. Some people also experience stomach ache or throat ache which will hinder sleep.

2. Dehydration
 An alcoholic will always feel dehydrated he will always want to have more drinks to keep himself hydrated. Dehydration will cause due to excessive vomiting or sweating after having alcohol. He will find his throat dry and will want to have more drinks. This might also lead to weakness due to loss of glucose from the body. Immediate medical attention is needed to a person who is dehydrated due to alcoholism. If he doesn’t receive medical attention there is a possibility of grave consequences.

3. Slow response:
 An alcoholic will not understand what others want to communicate with him. Hence he/she will respond slowly to whatever is being communicated. He will always be under the impact of alcohol. Mostly he will not understand what people want to communicate with him. Due to such behavior, most of the alcoholics lose their jobs or do not receive promotions. Their response to the questions of family members will also be very slow. This leads to tensions in family life as well.

4. Imbalanced life
 Such a person will never be able to maintain work and family balance. He/she will never be good in either of the parts. They are so engrossed in drinking that they will never be able to balance their life on any front. These people are also not able to balance their physical and mental health. They will lead a disturbed and dull life with no spark of hope in it. In maximum cases, the person is himself responsible for leading such an imbalanced life. Until this person is an alcohol addict, he will never be able to lead a balanced life.

5. Slurred speech:
 Due to over drinking people lose the ability to speak clearly. They will have a slurred speech. Where they will either speak fast and miss certain words or they will deny whatever they have spoken in their drunkenness. Alcohol makes the tongue feel heavy due to which people under its influence will have a problem in speaking with clarity.

6. Weak perceptive skills:
 A drunkard will always perceive things from his/her viewpoint and will never consider other’s perceptions. Their physical sensations based on perceptions are never clear. They will never perceive things positively. They will rarely understand what someone wants to convey to them. Alcohol interferes with the coordination of the brain with other parts of the body making the perceptive skills weak.

7. Blurred vision:
 Whenever a person consumes too much alcohol his vision becomes blurred. This happens due to loss of muscle control in eyes. It affects the coordination of the eyes and brain leading to poor or blurred vision. The eye muscle of a drunkard becomes very weak. He/she is unable to see clearly what is going on around him. This happens because the alcohol affects the eyes.

8.Imbalanced emotional situation:
 Alcohol will always affect the emotional situation of the person. He/she finds himself/herself in a state of confusion. The behavior of the person will be weird in the social scene. Sometimes he may laugh, cry or sing loudly even in public. He will not be able to control his emotions. He might even abuse others when he is drunk. He will blame others for his problems openly. The worst part of these reactions is that he will not even remember what he has said or behaved.

9. Frequent urination:
 Excessive alcohol consumption will produce an urge to urinate. This happens generally due to increasing pressure on the liver, kidney and hormonal changes. Excessive alcohol obstructs the release of a hormone in your body from the pituitary gland. This hormone moves from the kidney which filters the blood to remove toxins and water. Alcohol blocks the release of this hormone which makes the kidney leaky and stops absorbing water.

10.Lowered body temperature:
 These people have a low body temperature wherein they will always feel tired and fatigued. They will never accept their mistake. Low body temperature is a result of dehydration. The body temperature of an alcoholic will be below the average temperature of a normal person’s body.

B.) Long-term effects of alcoholism:
 There are various long-term effects of alcoholism. I have categorized the long-term effects of alcohol under various subtopics.
1.Effects on health:
       A person who consumes alcohol for a long period is sure to face some damage to the brain. Continuous use of alcohol might damage the brain cells and it may lead to serious consequences. It also affects the cerebellum which controls the working of our body. This may result in an inability to perform regular activities. As the brain is unable to coordinate with the other parts of the body. It might also lead to tumors in the brain.

Memory lapses:
 Most of the alcoholics forget what they did or spoke while they were under the influence of alcohol. They will remember all the sad events and will also remember all the defeats and loses of their life when they drink alcohol. But will never remember all this when they come out of the influence of alcohol. Though you are awake the brain will sieve huge information. This will stop the brain to keep long-term memories. It affects the temporal cortex of the brain which makes and keeps new memories.

 The Heart is easily affected by excessive alcohol use. Since the brain doesn’t function well the heart may lose its control over the blood pumping process. This might lead to cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure etc. It may also subsequently lead to a heart failure. A person’s heart is affected by emotional pressure on the mind. This emotional pressure will make the heart vulnerable.

 Alcohol affects the liver. It may interrupt the working of the liver. This may lead to the liver being damaged for the whole life. It produces tiny blood vessels in the liver. Alcohol can damage our intestine which leads to the release of bacteria into the liver. It is difficult for the liver to break down alcohol resulting in the chemical reaction that can damage the liver forever. Excessive drinking can make the liver swell or fat. This happens when the liver turns glucose into fat.

              Alcoholism may lead to various forms of cancers like the cancer of the mouth, liver, throat, esophageal, breast, etc. This is one of the worst effects of alcoholism. Drinking alcohol regularly can increase the risk of cancer around seven times.

Nerve damage:
            Alcoholism damages the nervous system of the human body. This, in turn, might lead to many disorders in one’s health. Prolonged alcoholism injures the nerves of the body and the person is unable to control his movements. Loss of control of your body parts can lead to clumsiness and numbness. Sometimes nerve damage can lead to ulcers and tumors. It can also make one paralyzed forever.

 Excessive drinking makes the person overweight. Alcohol contains heavy calories. But people are mostly unaware of the calories in alcohol. People only think of the calories in food and not in drinks hence they consume alcohol to a great extent. It is found that there are 150 calories in a glass of beer which is the most consumed alcoholic drink. It is almost the same as the calories in added sugars.

Fertility Issues:
 Research has proved that alcohol or alcohol abuse addiction can lower the fertility in both women and men. Excessive alcohol reduces the testosterone level and sperm quality and quantity in men. It can make the men impotent.  On the other hand, alcohol consumption can make the women less fertile. It can affect their ovaries and lead to complications in conceiving.

2.  Social effects:
 Excessive alcohol drinking might cause many social problems. This might, in turn, lead to a huge effect on the life of an individual.

Rash driving:
 People who are under the influence of alcohol will get involved in activities like rash driving and will trouble others also with it. They might commit accidents and kill other people. In this process, they might also get themselves seriously injured. These incidents will leave a long-lasting impact on the physical and mental health of the person. The emotional effect of this incident will also be devastating since the harm caused to other will give the accused a long lasting guilt. This will lead to an impact on brain and heart.

 Domestic violence:
 This problem is prevalent in most of the Indian households where the husband is a drunkard. Most of the times when the wife restricts the husband from consuming alcohol or if she denies to give him money to drink alcohol, the husband becomes so violent that he hits the wife severely. Over a period of time, it has become a norm to hit the wives whenever the husband is drunk or in tension. Domestic violence is the worst thing to disturb the family life of an individual. Such a person will never be respected by his children, wife, and others around him.

Child harassment and ignorance:
 Drunkard father doesn’t have time for his child since he is deeply engrossed in his alcoholism. He will sometimes hit the child for silly reasons or will neglect the child to a great extent. This neglect and harassment have a long-lasting effect on the child. Children of an alcoholic will never have a soft corner or any emotional attachment to their alcoholic parents. They will feel left out and lonely, the other children will face depression. These children might never be successful in their professional or personal lives. An alcoholic person may also kill the child to get rid of him/her.

Sexual harassment:
                 Many alcoholics harass the women sexually. Specifically the women in their office, neighborhood, locality, family, etc. Sometimes they go the extent of sexually assaulting their own children. This leads to a long-lasting effect on the life of one who is sexually harassed. In this case, the culprit will not even realize the seriousness of his action on the life of the victim, since he is under the influence of alcohol. But the victim might face lifelong trauma due to sexual harassment.

Humiliation due to Early pregnancy:
 Youth, under the influence of alcohol, might get involved in unprotected sex. This might result in untimely pregnancy. Most of the families abort such kind of pregnancies to avoid humiliation if found at the right time. If they find this kind of pregnancy very late, they might desert the child born after this kind of pregnancy. In such a situation the life of the newborn child is ruined. This child will never get the expected love of his/her parents and will lead most of his life as an orphan.

 Most of the people who are alcohol addicts will harm their jobs themselves. Their performance will be worst at their workplaces because of which they are mostly fired from their jobs. Some of them who have a settled family business will ruin the long earned business as a result of alcoholism. Rest of the alcoholics do not get a job anywhere because they have an unstable life and are unable to clear the job interview. Hence they are forced to lead a life in extreme poverty. At times these alcoholics are also found begging on streets in spite of being from a good family background.

 Most of the alcoholics will never be stable in their relationships with their wives. They will go for divorce and lead a lonely life. Some of them even marry many times and undergo multiple divorces. Alcoholism affects the married lives of many individuals. They will abuse their spouse or beat them under the impact of alcohol. Nobody wants to lead disturbed married life. Everyone wants peace and love in his or her marriage. Hence people get divorced from their alcoholic spouse.

Family Problems:
 Alcoholics will never have a stable family life. Most of them will have violent families who will always behave rudely to this person. This person will never feel relieved when his family is around. He/she will always consider it a torture to spend time with his/her family. Since he/she is surrounded by tensions in a family. Family members will always taunt and comment on the alcoholics in their family. Most of the elders in the family feel that constant scolding will bring about change in the alcoholic abused person in their family. But they do not understand that this will only worsen the situation.

3. Financial problems:
 These people will always face financial problems in their lives. They will never be happy with their jobs. Hence quitting the old job and joining a new one is not new in their lives. They will never have a stable financial status. These people will always be fond of borrowing money from others to fulfill their alcohol needs. They will take a huge amount of money from relatives, friends, colleagues, etc. This will spoil their relations with their loved ones. The loan will also become a burden on their children. Financial problems might also force them to beg on streets. These problems are a result of their own activities.

4. Criminal activities:
 In order to fulfill their urge of drinking, they will get involved in criminal activities like robbing, housebreaking, murder, violence, rape, etc. Drinking to a great extent will lower their performance in everything. The urge to drink is so strong that it might motivate the person to do criminal activities though he has no criminal history. Some of them can harass the family and friends due to their criminal activities. They bring shame not only to themselves but to their loved ones also. It spoils the reputation of their families. Most of the families will desert such individuals who are addicted to alcohol. Nobody will like to have a criminal in his or her family. It also has a long-lasting effect on the children of the family.

 Alcoholism is not just an addiction, it is also a disease. There is a huge debate going on in the current scenario wherein they consider alcoholism a disease. It is not totally impossible to overcome this problem. ‘So, how to stop alcohol addiction/how to reduce addiction of alcohol?’ or ‘how to control alcohol addiction?’ is the main question that arises. Alcohol addiction information can be found easily through google, but it requires a lot of research and analysis; So let us focus on certain solutions that we know of, to the problem of alcoholism:

1. Family support:
 Family plays a crucial role in everyone’s life and an alcoholic is no exception. Sometimes the continuous taunts and torture that comes from family become the reason for turning towards alcoholism. It is crucial for the family to understand that they are the biggest support system that an alcoholic can have. The family needs to be considerate towards the alcoholic and they need to help the addicted person by being kind and sympathetic towards him. When an alcohol addict knows that he/she is supported by his family, it motivates him to leave alcoholism. At times it is difficult for the family to support the alcoholic person. But it is not impossible. When parents and siblings help the addict to come out of it, they will surely be motivated. Family can find alternatives to alcohol for their beloved person who is addicted to alcohol. Moreover, when the person is in the first stage of alcoholism, it is the duty of family especially the parents to demotivate the person to consume alcohol.

2. Give time:
 An alcoholic needs attention. Let it be wife, parents or children, they should spend some quality time with the alcoholic addict in their family. This will remove the feeling of being neglected and will boost his confidence that he can do anything in his life if he wishes to do so. Take addict in your family on a vacation to some remote place where he is unable to resort to drinking. Time is the most precious gift one can give to anyone. When a family member or friend spends some quality time with the alcohol addict person, they will never feel left out and alone. In today’s busy world where everyone is busy in the rat race, it is quite difficult to spend time with such people. But if the family and friends want to help the person to come out of this problem, they have to make time for such people.

3. Give real-life examples:
 Instead of scolding and abusing the addict in your family take him to meet people whose lives were ruined because of alcoholism. This will make him realize the need to stop drinking and lead a normal life. You can also take him to the hospital where he will find people like him suffering from serious diseases due to alcoholism. It is extremely important for a person to learn from the real-life examples, otherwise, it is not easy to improve him. Seeing these people suffer, an alcoholic will understand the side effects of alcoholism. There are huge chances that after seeing people suffering, an addict might try to stop himself from drinking. Real people, real situations and real sufferings will make a big difference to the life of an alcoholic.

4. Role of friends:
 Friends play a very important role in a person’s life. They influence a person to a great extent. It is necessary that the family of the alcohol addict takes help from the friends of that person. These people can help him his find his way out of the problem. Friends can play the role of a game changer in the lives of an alcoholic addict. They will never give up on trying to help their friend who is caught in the web of alcoholism. In real life when a person becomes too much addicted to alcohol, people distance themselves from such a person. But friends should not leave their alcohol addict friend. They should understand that their friend needs them. In many cases, an alcoholic will listen more to their friends as compared to their family.

5. Motivate them to do things that they like:
 One of the main reason for a person to become an alcohol addict is an unsuccessful career. People do not succeed in their respective careers because most of the times it is not their area of interest. Many alcoholics are great performers, artists, etc. It is the duty of the family members and friends to motivate the alcohol addict to take up the tasks of developing an interest in an alcoholic to work hard on the areas of his interest or his hobbies. When someone is interested in dance, music, acting or social work, he/she pays complete attention to these activities and forgets alcoholism completely. They can even select one of these hobbies as their careers. When they work hard to achieve this, they will be happy and will never resort to drinking. Family and friends have a huge responsibility of convincing such a person to select their area of interest to have their career.

6. Keep them involved:
 When a person resorts to drinking, his mind is bent only towards drinking. The best way to help such a person is by keeping them involved in the things that they enjoy doing or give them some work within their range of capacity. It is also important to monitor the work that they are doing. Since an alcohol addict can cheat you to fulfill his/her urge of drinking. They should be kept involved in household chores, hobbies, official work, etc. When they are busy working, they will forget the very reason for turning to alcohol. This, in turn, will help them to stop drinking alcohol.
7. Don’t give stress:
 Most of the alcohol addicts face insult and humiliation from the society. This makes them feel stressed out always. It is very important to understand the need to keep them unstressed. When an alcohol addict is stressed he/she will surely resort to drinking alcohol. Such a person will not be able to cope with the stress if given to him/her. If they are given little also stress, they might also quit whatever task was assigned to them or they might get involved in anti-social activities. Such a person should be sent to a counselor who might show them the way to handle stress.

8. Keep them Happy:
 It is the duty of the family and friends to keep the drunkard happy by behaving politely with him/her. When we behave politely with such a person. His/her confidence increases and he/she will be motivated to leave the habit of consuming alcohol. We should motivate the alcoholic to take up the tasks that he enjoys doing. If a person gets proper love and care from his family and friends which makes him happy, he will stop drinking alcohol.

9. Appreciate them:
 Words of appreciation are important for everyone and for an alcoholic also. When their efforts are appreciated, they feel good and are motivated to take up the task with more enthusiasm. They will do their work with extra zeal after being appreciated for the task they have performed. Even if the work is not up to the mark. It is our duty to make them aware of their mistake politely. They should never be insulted for being mediocre. These alcoholics feel good to be appreciated and motivated. This can motivate them to leave the bad habit of drinking.

10.Willingness to get rid of alcohol:
 This is the most important part of getting rid of alcoholism. Unless and until a person has the willpower and the commitment to get rid of alcohol habit nobody can help him/ her. For this, the family needs to motivate the person and create the will to get rid of alcohol addiction habit. You need to be willing to find out, how to recover from alcohol addiction. In spite of being physically depended on alcohol, a person can decide for himself or herself to get rid of this habit. It is very difficult for a person to decide this. That person cannot be forced to change. The individual needs to choose to change. It has to be done willingly. This willingness can come only when the person understands the impact of alcoholism on his life.

11. Different treatment for different Individuals:
 Every drunkard has a different reason to resort to drinking. Hence different types of plans need to be adopted by different people in order to get completely rid of this habit of drinking alcohol. We need to find and check the health problem that individual has with proper help from a medical professional. A physical health examination should be made compulsory for the person who is extremely addicted to alcohol. There should be a customized treatment plan for different persons according to their needs. The medical professional will find out which part of the patient’s body is highly affected whether is kidney, liver or heart. Accordingly, the treatment plan has to be adopted. Mental health is equally important. While the person is treated for his physical ailments, we need to get his counseling done by a trained counselor. When the person is mentally cured, it will cure him physically also. The body will respond positively when the mind is positive.

12. Detox:
 Detoxification is one of the most important steps to get rid of alcohol. We need to seek the help of a trained medical professional. This involves ridding the body of harmful substance and bring it back to normal. If we do not seek the help of a medical professional, this process can be extremely dangerous. It can have many side effects like heart attack, seizures, etc. Hence this process needs proper guidance and supervision. It is not easy to detox the body without the help from the doctor. Detox will help the body to overcome other side effects on the physical health of an alcoholic. When the body has shed all the toxins, the parts of the body affected due to alcohol will respond to the medications done. If detoxification is not done the body will not respond positively to medications.

13. Physical cure:
 The body is a framework that needs to be taken care of by everyone. In case of an alcoholic, it is important for us to understand that physical well being is extremely important. Alcohol disturbs the function of many organs of the body. A balanced diet suggested by a professional nutritionist must be implemented in order to take proper care of the body. Along with a balanced diet, the addict should also be motivated to adopt a regular exercise routine which includes yoga, walking, sports, Jim training, etc. This will help the person recover at a faster rate. Exercise is an extremely important part of the physical cure. Nobody can be completely cured without physical fitness.

14. Emotional cure:
 Most of the alcohol addicts have given into alcohol because of some trauma in their lives. It is very significant to conduct some sessions with a counselor. This trained professional will first find the reason behind the addiction and will counsel him/her to overcome this bad habit. Sometimes this therapy can be an individual or a group therapy. They will explain to the person why he/she turned towards alcohol and help them to get rid of this bad habit. They explain how trivial the problem was and how negative was their approach was towards it. This will help the individual to understand and completely leave this addiction. An emotionally strong person can surely get rid of alcoholism.

15. Balance physical and emotional cure:
 There should be a proper balance and coordination between the physical and emotional cure of an alcohol addict. If the alcohol addict is not able to get rid of his/her problems, it is because one of these needs was not paid attention to properly. When the body is treated it might not be successful if the mind is not prepared to receive that treatment. On the other hand when the mind is treated the body will not support the treatment. Hence many persons who are sent to the rehabilitation centers are unable to overcome the bad habit of alcoholism. Hence it is important to seek a balance between both physical and emotional cure. The doctors who are treating the person physically and mentally should always coordinate with each other. When these doctors cooperate with each other they will be able to make a pragmatic plan to treat the patient. Family and friends must also pay attention to these points before starting the medical treatment of the addict.
16. Spirituality is very important:
 Spiritual leaders of every community can be a great help for the person affected by alcohol addiction. Most of the people resort to alcoholism due to some physical or emotional problem that had occurred in their lives. Most of the times spirituality can be a great help. They should be brought in the touch with such spiritual leaders who will guide and motivate them from getting rid of alcoholism. Spirituality based on their specific religion is the strongest means of helping a person affected by alcohol addiction. Many spiritual gurus also conduct some sessions or lectures to help the others. We should motivate them to participate in such programs which will be very helpful. 90% people believe in their religion and god. Spiritual leaders are considered to be messengers of God. When they advise someone to stop alcohol abuse. The person is sure to stop using alcohol.

17. Imparting knowledge:
 Most of the people who are addicted to alcohol or their family members are unaware of the methods of getting rid of alcohol or its side effects. In this case before starting the treatment. The physical and mental health care professional should conduct regular sessions and lectures for the patient as well as his family or publish alcohol addiction articles that can help identify the cause and provide a solution. This will help the family and the patient to prepare themselves for the treatment.

18. Legal support:
 Many times the alcohol addicts find themselves in a legal problem which later on leads to mental trauma. It is extremely important for the family and friends to help and guide them through these legal problems. Here help can be taken from the lawyers or any legal advisor. If the person is guilty he/she must be punished for sure. The family or friends of that person must be firm on letting the person be punished according to the law. But only after proper treatment from a medical professional when they have got rid of their alcoholism.

19. Lifelong support:
 After the professional treatment for alcoholism is over a person needs proper care and attention. In this regard, the person should be given lifelong support even after the treatment. This means emotional, financial and physical support should be extended lifelong to an alcohol addict. Sometimes the person may feel left out and lonely even after the treatment. In other cases, he/she might become guilt-stricken. At such a time the family and friends must give mental support to the person in order to come out of that guilt. In other cases, an individual might face financial crisis. Here the family and friends can give some financial support and motivate him to take up a job for a living. Some people might feel weak after the treatment here they must be given proper love and attention by the family.

 Sending an alcohol addict to rehab can be one solution but it is not the ultimate one or a very significant one. No doubt the rehab guidance will definitely bring change in the life of an addict but if he/she is not mentally prepared it will be very difficult to for him/her to accept the treatment. Hence it is necessary to prepare the person mentally and emotionally. Since many times the person feels humiliated to go to the rehabilitation center. Here the family and friends must first get the counseling done by a professional counselor and thereafter start with the treatment. If the person is not mentally and physically prepared for the treatment at the Rehab, they will never respond to the treatment.

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Clutter Anxiety

September 19, 2018

Why Clutter and Anxiety go hand in hand

From an early age we are trained to clean our rooms, our drawers and our dressers. So it is almost instinctual for some people to want to clean up when they see a mess in their homes or offices.

A large volume of clutter can cause sensations of agitation, irritation and anger in many individuals, and even more so in women as suggested by a study conducted by the UCLA’s Center on Everyday Lives and Families.

To help you relive such a situation, let me recreate it for you. Imagine you come home after a long workday, tired and beaten down by your work or the poor traveling conditions, but you finally made it, home sweet home.

As soon as you step in you can’t help but be alarmed by the used cups of tea your fiancé left on the table, toys that your child forgot to pack up and all the dust that the maid didn’t clean.

You almost enter a state of panic and alarm.

Well maybe you don’t have that kind of a reaction, maybe you just say “Huh whatever” and roll into bed, or maybe you decide to clean it the next day and move on.

Good for you, but if you feel the desperate need to clean, it is very likely that you’re facing some form of anxiety. It doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with you, a lot of women feel rage and sensory over stimulation from all the mess.

Some even feel a sense of dread and depression.

According to Psychologist Sherrie Borg Carter,

Clutter can play a significant role in how we feel about our homes, our workplaces, and ourselves. Messy homes and work spaces leave us feeling anxious, helpless, and overwhelmed. Yet, rarely is clutter recognized as a significant source of stress in our lives. 

  • Clutter overwhelms us because it causes an overload of stimuli to our brain
  • It is distracting to our brain as it makes us think that our work is not done
  • It makes it difficult for us to relax
  • It causes anxiety in anticipation of the cleaning up process
  • It impedes creating and workflow
  • It makes it harder for us to find our tools and resources

Such an issue arises because according to many women, the responsibility of caring for the family and keeping the house clean is solely on women. It is however not true, the responsibility of cleaning your premises can be shared with the family. So whenever you feel the urge to go ballistic after seeing clutter, take a deep breath sit down and relax for a bit.

Here are some quick tips to help you deal with this kind anxiety:

  1. As stated before, it is a team game, work with your family on cleaning the house, create responsibility in your fiancé and children to help split up the work. If it is not possible you can consider hiring a maid, however do keep in mind that cleaning the house is a good exercise and way to wind down.
  2. Organize your racks and storage areas. So when you need it, you can find it in a snap. And a Pro-tip from Sherrie Bourg Carter, ‘Store your stuff in closed racks, keeping them on open racks does not remove the visual stimuli of clutter.’ So storing it in drawers and cases where you cannot see it is a great way to avoid it.
  3. Recycle, Resell, or Donate what you don’t use. Having less things to worry about will help you manage your home better. A good idea is to sell anything that you haven’t used in six months AND don’t foresee yourself needing in the next six.
  4. Cultivate the habit of placing things you use in their designated spot once you’re done using them. Simple right? Takes time to train the habit.
  5. Create a reward system for your family, treat them for keeping the house clean. Heck it can be a great game to be played with the family. Your imagination’s the limit here.

If this help you come to ease with the sensation of panic when you see clutter, maybe you need help, first off its important for you to understand that everyone deserves to be happy, you too. So don’t hesitate to seek help. Anxiety can run much deeper than what is caused by clutter, it could be caused by some bad experiences or bad memories, to get help read more here.

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The common drug for Gastro that causes depression, anxiety and brain damage.

September 18, 2018

If you’re someone who faces gastric acid build up, you very well be suffering from the most common chronic disease in the world: Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD). It is a situation where the stomach acid flows back into the oesophagus, one feels a burning sensation as the corrosive acid burns the oesophageal lining.

These Drugs: Omeprazole; work by blocking the production of gastric acid. These drugs designed for short term relief, are used by millions of people on a daily basis. And the consequences are equally dangerous.

Researchers state that bacteria in our gut help the functioning of our brain by producing certain hormones or neurotransmitters. And similarly our emotional responses affect our gut bacteria.

As the title of the post suggests, this study suggests that Proton Pump Inhibitors like Omeprazole can raise the risk of creating depression.

A study conducted by Wei-Sheng Huang, from the Department of Psychiatry at the Taipei Veterans General Hospital concluded that “patients with major depression had a greater prevalence of higher cumulative defined daily dose”, meaning that patients that took omeprazole for longer had greater odds of developing depression and anxiety disorders.

The author suggests that the following is a probable ca


The drugs might raise depression risk by dysregulating the gut-brain axis, they suggest, or by preventing the organism from properly absorbing nutrients after the use of stomach drugs.

Some of the identified side effects of Omeprazole are:

  1. Increased Risk of Bone Fracture
  2. Pneumonia
  3. Calcium Deficiency
  4. Loss of Red Blood Cells
  5. Chronic Fatigue
  6. Intestinal Infections
  7. Anemia
  8. Multiple Nutrient Deficiencies
  9. Heart Arrhythmias

A team of Stanford researchers examined 2.9 million cases to come to the conclusion that: Regular use of Proton Pump Inhibitors like Omeprazole increases the risk of heart attack by a deadly 16% and doubles the probability of death by heart attack, stroke, or, other cardiovascular diseases.

Why does a Drug for Stomach Acid Remedy Cause Heart attacks?

A Proton Pump Inhibitor works by blocking secretion of gastric acid in the stomach. Gastric acid is necessary to digest food, break down proteins, and signal the pancreas to secrete juices. PPI impair the cells that line blood vessels. So, Blood Vessels are more rigid and less able to properly dilate. Stiff and clotted blood vessels are prone to heart attacks and cardiovascular diseases.

Treat your Digestion Naturally!

How to Boost your Stomach Acid?

It is a misconception that too much stomach acid causes stomach burns, on the contrary it’s the low levels of stomach fluids that causes stomach burns.

  • Chew 15-20 times per morsel
  • Drink 2 table spoons of apple cider vinegar
  • Have some lemon water between meals.

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How to help a Slow Learner

September 13, 2018

Teacher’s and Parent’s role is very important in slow learners life.

They need to motivate and guide these children to overcome the problem of slow learning. It’s in their duty to create a healthy and suitable environment for the slow learner to study.

Often teachers find it very difficult to cope up with the syllabus when they have slow learners in the class. Parents are also confused about the method to nurture their slow learner child.

A teacher or parent needs to search for lessons and other resources that make it easier to differentiate the methods of teaching and make learning more significant and interesting. They can take help from the special education sites on the internet. These sites also provide various play way methods to teach various concepts to these students. There will never exist a class without slow learners especially in government schools and colleges.

Methods in which Parents can help their slow learner child

Every child has the right to be loved and to excel in their life but this will happen only when the parents are understanding and supportive. This stands true in case of the slow learners as well. Parents of a slow learner need tosupport their child so much that he/she never feels different from other children. They also need to understand that only academics will not help a child to be successful. Having very high expectations from these children might sometimes make them upset. Every child is unique. Just like a clay which can be given any shape the artist desires.  Like the clay needs to be shaped to convert it into a masterpiece, Slow learners should also be guided and shaped in order to make the outstanding human beings.

Following are some of the simple ways in which  parents can help a slow student:

1. Acceptance

Accepting the fact that their child is a slow learner is the most difficult and stressful task. The parents need to be aware of the weaknesses and the strengths of their child. It is very important to understand the child does not need too much medical attention but love and care from parents. In 90%  of cases, there is no need to enroll the child in a special school. Accepting the child will solve 50% of his problem. The child will also feel comfortable and optimistic to work on his shortcomings. The will never feel burdened with expectations. He/she will grow and develop his/her skills at his/her pace.

2. Give Time to your child

Any parent having a slow learner child should understand that it is very important to spend quality time with their child. As neglect from parents and loved ones is one of the main cause of slow learning. Every child deserves proper love and care from parents. A child will always feel protected and confident in the company of his parents. They need extra time compared to other children to complete the given tasks. When parents dedicate extra time to such children, their rate of improvement is far better. No doubt, it is difficult for the parent to find some extra time from their busy schedule but there is always scope for quality time. Spending time with these children also will help the parents to work on the weakness of the child.

3. Creating a Conducive Environment for learning

It is the duty of the parents to provide their child with an atmosphere that suits and motivates the child to learn. Parents should make the study area peaceful and interesting. It is found that the slow learners are easily distracted and sometimes it is very difficult to hold their attention on one thing. Hence a quiet room for the study is extremely important. Parents can decorate the work area with colourful and attractive pin-ups which contain the summary of their child’s recent study material. They should always keep on changing the pin-up and charts in the child’s study area.

4. Help and guide your child

Parents must accept the fact that their child needs attention and help to study. It does not mean to complete their homework or assignment. It means to guide them to complete their homework and assignments. It also means to help them to understand the concepts that are taught by the teachers. Parents have an extra responsibility to make sure that the child is emotionally and physically sound. This can be done by constantly keeping a watch on the child or by asking them questions about the activities, the child did on that day. They can also motivate the child to maintain a diary in which the child can note his day to day activities. This will help the parents to know their child better.

5. Trust your child

Trust is the most significant factor in any relationship, so is it in the relation of a parent and the slow learner child. If the parents don’t believe in their child, it might have adverse and lifelong effects on the child’s overall performance. Showing faith in the slow learners will help to boost their confidence and will increase their interest in academics. Even if the child commits mistakes in the tasks that he has taken up, make sure to correct him politely. In such a situation, it is also important to trust your child. Constant belief in your child will give him the confidence to work hard and to improve himself.

6. Questioning is must

Parents should question the child continuously about their regular school activities. Questioning is also the best method to help the child in completing his regular homework. Parents can ask questions on the particular topic that was explained in the class and thereby find out if the child has understood the concept. It will also develop the reasoning ability of the child. This is also an effective way to know the activities that your child performed in school. The student needs to work hard to answer the questions based on his syllabus. The child will pay attention in order to answer the questions of his parents.

7. Reading

Parents are the first teachers of a child. The child always learns from the activities that his parents perform. Reading is the best way to gain knowledge. Slow learners generally find difficulty in reading. Hence the habit of reading to your child helps him/her to understand the concept as well as it develops their interest in reading. It will acquaint them with new words and increase their vocabulary. Give as many books as you can to your child. Motivate him/her to read.

8. Appreciate their efforts

Congratulate your child and offer rewards. Even if the achievement is not very noteworthy, appreciate the effort. By prolonging the time limit to complete the given work that a slow learner is unable to complete in the given time limit will make him feel appreciated. At the same time, it is important that the child does not lose his interest and potential to complete the task. This means that the parents must be ready to praise their slow learner child for what they do in school without considering its significance. However small the effort is, parents must always praise them to work hard.

9. Recognize their areas of interests

Children with slow learning skills are easily distracted. Identifying the activities that the child likes and motivating them to participate in such activities at home or at school would greatly improve their performance, confidence and social skills. This will also help them to excel in their lives. Expecting every child to excel in academics is a myth. Only academics will never help students to succeed.

10. Create a  timetable chart

Creating a chart that sets the time for various daily activities the child is expected to perform, would give the child a sense of responsibility and participation, encouraging him to complete the tasks on time. This chart should be more pictorial than verbal. As pictures will attract the attention of the child. Such a chart is very helpful for reminding the daily activities of the child. This chart will motivate the child to his regular activities on time.

11. Plan short activity sessions

Since the attention span of a slow student is comparatively less, letting the child work for multiple short sessions instead of a single long session for any activity would offer better results.  These small activities will increase the retaining power of the child. Working in small sessions will never be a burden to the child. In this situation, the child will learn as well as remember what he has learned. After every short session or before beginning the next session we can also revise whatever the child has learned earlier.

12. Allow Aids    

Allow your child to use aids to learn, such as post-it on the study table, computer desktop, calculators, memo pads, engraved markers and reminder cards. These aids are very important in the teaching-learning process. These will involve the child as an active learner in the learning process.

13. Be Verbal

 Be more oral and verbal with your child. Form easy tasks that are in tune with your child’s competence. Talk as much as you can with your child. Ask him about the activities done in the class, Homework assigned to him, the concepts that were discussed in the class. These will not only develop the speaking skills of the child but also improve your understanding and relationship with your child.

14. Practical expectations

As a parent, you expect your child to excel in everything he does. Practically, it is not possible. There’s nothing wrong with expectations, but they should be realistic enough. Having realistic expectations will not overburden the child at the same time it won’t dishearten the parents. It’s very important that the parents understand the limitations and the shortcomings of the child.

15. Continuous contact with the teacher

Teachers play an important role in educating children with slow thinking. One of the main responsibilities of parents is to interact with teachers to understand if there are other areas where their child needs help. Talk to teachers to effectively synchronize them at school and at home. Continuous contact with the teacher will also ease the teaching-learning process of the child.

16. Patience

Patience and Consistency are the key required qualities in the parents of a slow learner. Allow your child to make mistakes and learn from them. Don’t lose patience when a child is not able to retain a concept immediately like other children of his age. Rude behaviour will only reduce the confidence of the child to do certain activities.

17. Motivate your child

Do not allow a slow learner to give up on their work or themselves. Whenever necessary give break to your child as well as yourself. But make sure that to complete the task on the given day. If you don’t build up this feeling in your child, he will never understand the importance of hard work and will learn to give up easily.

18. Avoid Comparison with other children

It’s very human that the parents compare their children to other children. Do not compare the achievements of the other child with your child. The comparison will only lead to disappointment. Not only will the parent lose hope on his child but the child will also lose hope in himself. This will not help the child to progress in any way.

19.  Avoid being an overprotective parent

Don’t tell your child that he is incapable of doing certain things. The child will follow and believe that for his whole life and will never try to accomplish it. He will carry the burden and the tag of being a slow learner for his whole life. Instead, help the child to find new ways to do the things that he feels are not within his capability. Even if the child makes mistakes in the initial attempts, motivate him to stick to his attempts.

20.  Motivate Sibling affection

Siblings are very important in everyone’s life and the slow learner are no exception. Parents must keep a constant watch on the relationship between their children. They should be very careful while talking to their average child and the slow learner child. In no way, the slow learner should feel offended. If so, there are chances of the rivalry being developed. This will hinder the progress of the slow learner.

21. Provide Best Possible Nutrition

Studies have proved that children who do not get proper nutrition are more likely to become a slow learner. Proper and balanced diet is extremely important for meeting the basic nutrition needs of the child. Proper food and sound sleep are two basic needs of a growing child. Any deficiency in these may lead to enormous physical and mental problems.

There are two methods of incorporating a slow learner in a normal school:

1)Creating a classroom especially for the Slow learners

The Effectiveness of this method lies in the fact that the slow learners feel safe to learn with other children of their caliber. They don’t feel left out or over cared in this kind of classroom. It also becomes easy for the teachers to dedicate extra time to one single class rather than dedicating extra time in every class. However this method has drawbacks also as the student will never get exposure to be in the company of average students, it will be less challenging etc.

2) Creating a mixed classroom where 20% of students are slow learners and others are average

This method is also effective from the student’s point of view. Here he will have to face new challenges every day. Company of average students develops his inter-personal skills. It also gives him the benefit of getting extra attention and care from the teachers. It makes him confident and public. This method also has its own drawbacks. In this method, the teacher faces a lot of difficulties to handle both the category of students at the same time.

Whether you meet slow learners in a regular class or special class, it is extremely challenging to the teacher as well the student. Most important reason for this challenge is the limited attention span of these children compared to others. These students do need of special education and do well outside the classroom and show no evidence of having any problem in understanding. They are only weak in academics and interpersonal skills. Today, a very huge emphasis is given to academic preparation. Thus there is a growing need for remedial teaching to provide these students with excellent opportunities according to the needs of the changing world.

The student must be offered incentives that are appropriate. Depending on the student the best stimuli are those where the family works together on an assignment where the child has to prepare a model or has to attend a game. Through these, the student learns patience and the importance of waiting to be rewarded. A student needs to have a sufficient breakfast period to improve student performance.

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