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What is Dyslexia?

Dyslexia broken up is “dys” meaning difficulty and “lexia” meaning language. It indicates a problem in communication or as it is medically known, Dyslexia. 


Can Dyslexia be cured?


Our research shows that dyslexia can be cured. If one performs a cursory Google search to dispute this statement, they will find results that state the opposite – According to Google, dyslexia can never be cured. However unlike them we have results of many patients who have undergone treatment to show that Dyslexia can definitely be cured.


We have created shining examples of what is possible for children and adults with dyslexia to achieve. The reality is, with treatment and some efforts they can be free of this disease and achieve even more than an ordinary person is capable of achieving. 


What are the causes of Dyslexia?


The causes of Dyslexia in the child are lack of confidence, low self-esteem, suffering or sadness in life, overthinking, doubtful nature, indecisiveness, negativity, frustration with parents, bad memories, uncontrolled fear, phobias. There are many more reasons which would not be worth the time to state, however we have developed a test to tell exactly what reasons caused this disease in the patient with a simple test which we call ‘Mind Mapping Test’. 

Dyslexia is caused by the parent’s state as well. A poor home environment, dispute between the parents, stress, financial unrest in the house, tension, etc also greatly increase the risk of this disease. Research shows that if these factors are present there is a 40% chance of the child developing dyslexia.  

What are the symptoms of Dyslexia?


Symptoms of dyslexia vary, but the most common factor is anxiety. The child thinks a lot about things that worry him/her, so much so that the child is unable to pay attention at school or games even when told to pay attention. It is our research that about 8 to 10% of children suffer from dyslexia, it is the most widespread disability in children. 


Other easier to notice symptoms are:

Reading well below the expected level for age

Problems processing and understanding what he or she hears

Difficulty finding the right word or forming answers to questions

Problems remembering the sequence of things

Difficulty seeing (and occasionally hearing) similarities and differences in letters and words

Inability to sound out the pronunciation of an unfamiliar word

Difficulty spelling

Spending an unusually long time completing tasks that involve reading or writing

Avoiding activities that involve reading


Can medicines treat dyslexia?


From the hundreds of children suffering from dyslexia we have obtained the report that medicine has not helped a single child completely recover to normalcy or even pay proper attention in class. Further on, in earlier days it was believed that dyslexia is a neurological disorder or a brain disorder. In reality it is a mental disorder. 


Does the gender of the child matter?


When compared against girls, more boys suffer from dyslexia than girls. Previously people would give up hope and fall in the trap that dyslexia is a lifelong disease. But now it is possible to completely recover from dyslexia in one to three years. 

Why has science failed at treating dyslexia?


At the moment there is no uniform laboratory test or blood test to prove the existence of this disease in chemical form i.e. science cannot find any virus or neurological test to point at faulty cells or virus in the child’s brain. Ordinarily a psychologist performs one IQ, asks the child to fill out a questionnaire and comes to the conclusion that the child is suffering from dyslexia. There is no need for MRI or CT scan to detect this disease. 


What does it feel like to suffer from dyslexia?


From the point of view of a child suffering from dyslexia. The child may think ‘I have not made any mistake, I am lazy, but I am not dumb, sometimes I do good things, sometimes I understand clearly, and the only problem is I get bored studying, I do not understand the words, I forget the ideas and I believe the ignorance of God has cursed me with this disease.’


What can Kailash Mantry do for you?


It is my promise that dyslexia can be cured in 1 to 3 years. Parents have to come for the treatment for 5 to 10 days with a child, and then there will be the treatment of the child. Within one year, 75% of the children get cured.

 My name CA Kailash Mantry, I am a Life Coach and Mental Health Consultant.


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