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My name is Kailash Mantry. I am a life coach and mental health consultant.  There are many diseases which we cure, where there is no treatment in medical science such as Migraine,EpilepsyStammering, Nervousness, AlzheimerParkinsonSchizophreniaDrug addictAlcoholicand many other diseases which are not curable through medical science.  From these one of the diseases is insomnia. Insomnia is the root cause of every disease.  We can say that mother of all disease is insomnia means before any disease occurs the disturbance of sleep is the most important.  Insomnia means no good sleep at night.

Do not sleep on time. If the man goes to sleep and do not sleep for two or three hours then it is called as insomnia. Now we will see why insomnia occurs and how does today’s medical science treat them. Insomnia occurs because of disturbance in your mind, worries in their mind and and there is no solution for it then there is no sleep. They think about it again and again. Now how is the treatment in medical science, the treatment in medical science such as a drug addict people take drugs and go into their own world. In medical science the sleeping pills are given to them and temporarily makes them sleep.

The treatment of insomnia is running in the whole world but according to me the treatment is wrong because it is not a treatment for disease it is a treatment for the symptoms. He can sleep at that night but daily at night he cannot sleep without medicine. This disease occurs because of over thinking and worries. If there worries are dissolved then there no requirement of tablets. We also have such patient who takes medicines for one or three months and we rescue their medicine in 3 to 10 counseling. Just like i had said earlier that it is necessary to have insomnia in the root of every disease means behind every disease it is important to have insomnia and the medical science also considers that if a patient have any other illness and does not sleep then they firstly cure their sleep and then cure the other illness p if he gets good sleep then he will also recover good and if he does not sleep properly, he will not recover the disease.

As, I have said earlier that the root of every disease is insomnia. You take the name of any disease like constipation, lethargy, Schizophrenia, mental breakdown, DepressionDyslexia and any other disease EpilepsyMigraine behind every disease there is insomnia it means if there is disturbance in your mind then the sleep also gets disturbed and being disturbed in sleep it is called as insomnia. Our research tells that insomnia occurs because of some nervousness. If there is nervousness or anxiety in them and does not find any solution then there is disturbance in their sleep. Such people are in towards nature, secretive and do not talk about their problem and thinks more about their self. They are the patient of excess thinking, thinks more and they are mind oriented too. Insomnia is a serious disease but it can be treated within 3 to 10 days. It means there is some negativity, there are 25 to 50 types of negativity in their mind such as fear, anger, hurt, humiliation, anger, violent and there are many other negativity which are removed one by one by discussing and this entire thing can be removed.

The patient who comes here firstly there is a mind mapping test. This is one of the test developed by us in which whatever negative things are there we make a list of it and what are the positive things missing in them. Such patients have a low confidence, less mind space, feeling of love ends, no happiness; suffer a lot, feeling of victim and much other negativity. And many positives that should happen in common man are missing. Our treatment is simple we need to remove all the negativity one by one and put all the positivity one by one which the common man needs. Such patient does not have any courage, no confidence, no happiness and many other things, if such things occur then there can be a good sleep. Such people take the things too serious and they do not know to laugh.

They do not laugh at any moment so if they are made laugh then there can be a good sleep. If there is no sleep then there is imbalance in your body it means there can be more acidity in your body, stomach is not clear, constipation and then there can be change case problem in their life. Now we will come to the last point that is what are the root cause of insomnia. There are three causes of insomnia First is they take all the things too seriously and seriousness is the first cause of insomnia. Second is fear, fear of anything. They imagine for their future and get scared. So the second reason is fear. Which we need to remove that. Third is tension, negativity and they think something bad will happen with us and continuosly thinking about these there is disturbance in their sleep. The treatment of these three can be cured that is seriousness, fear, tension or negativity. Within 3 to 10 days the problem of insomnia can be cured.

And the another cause of insomnia is if there is any kind of pain in your body such as leg pain, hand pain or headache then there will be disturbance in your sleep. If these are the reason of insomnia then it can be cured soon. If the patient takes the medicine for 2 to 3 days then its not harmful. The tablets of insomnia are harmful. Doctors also firstly give 0.25mg tablet then increase to 0.5mg and increase the power of tablet and basically make the patient drug addict and they cannot sleep because of this. And by taking the medicines to cure this disease is a wrong thing. In last i would like to say that there is a therapy of insomnia and this therapy is for 3 to 10 days. And the serious issue of insomnia can also be cured. Both insomnia and depression are connected to each other.

If there is depression then insomnia occurs and if there is insomnia then depression occurs. Because that sleep is very important that is natural one. Because of sleep there can be recovery in your body, many other disease, body relax, relaxes your mind. If there is no sleep then there can be no body relax or no relax in your mind. If there is no relax in your mind or body then they cannot be called as healthy and can be house of such disease. Many people think that by sleeping it is a time waste which is very wrong. By sleeping there is recovery in your body, relaxation in your mind, creativity in your mind and energy in your body. One type of energy is sleep. If there is a good sleep then the person is fresh, has a creative mind and the body is also energetic to do any work. There is no thumb role to sleep, 8 to 9 hours is standard time to sleep. My name is CA Kailash Mantry. I am a Life Coach and Mental Health Consultant. There are many diseases which are known as chronic illness. We cure within minimum 10 days and maximum 1 month.

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