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My name is CA Kailash Mantry. I am a life coach and mental health consultant. From last 25 years we are researching on more than 50 diseases that we cure it without medicines like ADHD,AutismMigraine, and ArthritisParkinsonAlzheimerDepressionInsomniaDrug addicts,AlcoholicSlow LearnerEpilepsyDyslexia and there is a lot of the disease that we do without medicines and medical science also believes that this disease is not cured by medicines. Today we will talk about Slow Learner; this disease is increasing day by day, now what do you mean by the slow learner who’s judgment is the little bit bad, who has lack of common sense or who have immature behavior whom we call slow learner and in Hindi, it is called as Mand buddhi.

Now this disease can cure 100%, why this disease occurs? If we talk in today’s language or we say in computer language, so their hard disk is full and there’s a lot virus in them & now we have upload antivirus software or we have format hard disk and have to install new software and from slow learner man becomes fast learner. The main reason for this disease is hardship in childhood, feeling of neglect, misunderstanding, domestic violence, wrong parenting, feeling of helplessness, low self esteem, confusion, excessive thinking, suffering, frequent anger outburst in the family, comparison with other children, rejections, failures and these people take their life very seriously and they takes small things very seriously, these people are of introvert nature, they are very secretive and they do not share their emotional feelings, also there is family gap between them.

Such children feels very infinity as compare to other children and their parents also reminds them that see how good your friend is, how good is your second brother see how good he is, repeatedly they remind them every time that there is something missing in you and the child who believes their parents like god and whatever the parents say the child believes that there is missing within me and like this the child becomes slow learner, they have a paradoxical situation they forgets current things but they remember bad & sad memories and they never share freely, always they remain secretive, they are indulge in mobile & computer or they watch only TV and never talk in family and always they are in fear that I mistake should be avoided by me, some of the mistakes shouldn’t be caught by our parents and teachers, that’s why they avoid doing new things and they believe that there is something missing within me.

If this disease is not cured so this disease does not leave the person for 60 years and the person die with failure. This person cannot live there independent life and also the failure in their marriage life and they can’t take big responsibility for their family, and also slowly – slowly they face issues of hands and also they face other hand complication problem and as how much money is saved for them it will be less. And after the death of their parents their conditions worsens very badly and they have to face humiliation from relatives, friend circle, neighbor and teacher. For such children my advice would be that not to send at school to their children up to 15 years of age so it will be better for them.

But I know that none of the parents would believe me because for them academic is important that his emotions and their feelings, won’t they have to face, and what challenges they are facing they don’t know it but they send them and this disease increases. And these people become successful in suppressing their feelings as that after looking at their face no one understands that what they are feeling. This people mostly are right brain oriented and their logical thinking is very disturbed and they remain weak in mathematics. These people are very frustrated and aggressive and they face anxiety in their life and they feel helplessness.

How to help slow learner? As much as we behave patiently with this patient, as much as we ignore their mistakes, appreciate their small things so due to this it can be resolved by the family members itself. But parents look after their children mistakes and look at their minus points and at each and every correct them. There is no such thing as a learning disorder, lack of common sense, poor judgment, immature behavior, if you can see it, if a person is not talking logically it means that their mind is disturbed they also have mental stress and such children should be brought to us. Is there a cure for Slow Learner? I would say that there is nothing like learning disorder, medical science has labeled it because none of the treatment is there in medication and that’s why they say it learning disorder and it can’t be cured & there is nothing like this things, every child is intelligent but they are confused, they have a feeling of rejections and due to fear they defend themselves and due to which they do non-sense things and you think that our children are not intelligent.

Are my children suffering because I was disturbed during pregnancy? Yes, 100% during pregnancy there was a lot of stress, you were emotionally disturbed, you were in stress, a lot of uneasiness, and all this stress is transferred to the child. And after pregnancy breastfeeding is disturbed or by breastfeeding your negative emotions are transferred to the child. Will my child grow out of it? Yes 100%, so visit us with your child and both of the parents should visit us together and with this there will be a mind mapping of all and within 10 hours I can give you confidence that your child can be a normal child and in 10 days I can show you many improvements which would be beyond your understanding.

Now you shouldn’t scold such children, don’t find their mistakes, whenever they do good work appreciate them, appreciate them when they do good work and behave patiently with them and if they do stupid things, so you should ignore it and if you are talking rationally, so you should appreciate them and slowly-slowly the child gets normal. At last, I would only say that slow learner can 100% cured some requires 3 months, some require 1 year and this disease is increasing in children. The 4-5 disease is increasing in childhood ADHD, Autism, Epilepsy, and Slow Learner Dyslexia and today headache are also increasing in children, many parents visit me with children and when I read their face so there is only one conclusion that children ask me that what I should do that I can make my mummy happy. My name is CA Kailash Mantry, I am a life coach and also a mental health consultant and I live in Mumbai.


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