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My name is CA Kailash Mantry & I’m life coach and I have done research on Mental Health for 30 years. I have treated many of the diseases which doctors cannot cure for 25-50 years likeStammeringEpilepsyMigraineSchizophreniaInsomniaDepression etc, there are other diseases which cannot be cured by medicines, but there by with the help of medicines they can be suppressed and at least with the feel of the disease medicines cures you.

Today we will talk about Migraine, What is Migraine? Why Migraine does occurs and within how many days Migraine can be cured. If I say that ‘Migraine can be cured’ so none of the patient believes it, this because they heard from big doctors and they say that it cannot be cured for lifetime, you have to take medicines for lifetime. Now it’s in the mind of patients, that most of the patients. Take visit to me its difficulties to talk to them for first five hours because they think that Migraine cannot be cured.

Actually it’s true that Migraine cannot be cured by medicines, now medicines can be Homeopathy, Allopathy or ayurvedic, from this Migraine cannot be cured.

Now we will talk about that, why Migraine occurs?

First reason for Migraine is due to Disturbance in mind, Restlessness, taking ever thing seriously, Acidity, Sleeplessness and there are more than 50 other reasons, if I use a single word that Migraine occurs due to negativity, you can also say Fear, Anger, uneasiness, Stress, Tension and there are many words that are negative words due to which Migraine occurs. And none of the medicines can cure Migraine. With Migraine Acidity occurs and this both conceives a good relationship.

Now let’s see that what happens in Migraine?

In Migraine, headache occurs, sometimes one side, sometimes both sides, sometimes left, sometimes right this is the first sign of Migraine. Sometimes it occurs for 2 hours, sometimes for 4 hours, sometimes for 24 hours, sometimes for 48 hours and whenever this Headache last till long so patient thinks that ‘my head should be break but this headache should be stopped’, Migraine consist of this such gravity and of course you are sleeplessness, so due to his this disease goes on increasing.

Is this disease is 100% curable?

Yes, this disease can be cured in 30 days and incase its 20 years old so it can be cured in 100 days. In this medication is nothing like similar and little bit naturopathy is used, little some other topic are used and also we have developed some of our therapies, mixture of all of this, we treat this and first of all we have to detox body & also mind, this is the first step and then therapy is done and mostly migraine can be cured in 30 days. There is a big point in Migraine that in Migraine people take things very seriously, everything, they take their work very seriously, they everything seriously and they lots of doubts and also they are confused, they want to make argument in every matter, they have doubts in every matter also they are self doubt like this there are more than 50 negativity in their mind. And of course they have lot of fear; you can also that they have lot of anger, sadness, uneasiness, this all we have to cure one by one, and when this all are removed so by default Migraine in cured.

Is one time treatment of Migraine, migraine will not occur in lifetime?

No, If you treat migraine one time so in 1 year, 2 year, 3 years migraine will not occur, but we request our patients that once in a year the patient should visit for 3 to 5 days because to avoid its repetition and under 3 years migraine can be cured for lifetime and don’t want to come to more time, first time for 30 days and after 1 year for 7 days and after that 1 year for 3 days and this migraine can be cured permanently.

Now only migraine will be cured alone?

No With migraine your negativity will blow away, and lots of your beliefs will be break down, there will be lot of changes in your thinking and basically you will be happy and when you are happy so migraine will be disappeared.

If people say that, we are habitual of migraine, they have told us that don’t go walk in sunlight, don’t do this, don’t do that and we take safety of it & take care of all this things and we are facing less attacks and also we are taking medications time to time, this technique is not right, in case if you have some restrictions or you are controlling so the other diseases are ready to occur in your body, like I have seen that in case if migraine lasts for long time so also ulcers occurs, there are chances of cancer also and there are many other diseases which can occurs, if we did not deal with them. And of course you are sad when migraine occurs, you are also disturbed when migraine occurs so if there a disease from last month and if can be cured so it should be cures as well, why to take medications for lifetime.

A person who takes more medications he/she is said to be a drug addict, now if a common person takes drugs, we say that he/she is wrong, so when a person takes medications daily he/she isn’t a drug addict? And, it’s my opinion that if any disease occurs so firstly we should treat it with naturopathy, if naturopathy doesn’t work so we should go for ayurvedic, if it doesn’t work so they go for Homeopathy and in last they should go for allopathy, but if any disease occurs firstly we go for allopathy and then in last we go for naturopathy, this technique is wrong.

In last I will only say that migraine can be cured in minimum 7 days and maximum in 1 month and when a disease can be cured, so you should focus on complete removal of disease not only but also suppress the disease and not to give birth to a new disease. If any medicine becomes that much capable or successful for controlling so keep eye on that, it’s a symbol for welcoming big disease. 20 years old migraine can be cured in 100 days and try not to take medications, we treat migraine without any medicine and with only therapies we treat migraine. Thank you, Kailash Mantry, Mental Health Consultant .

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