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My name is CA Kailash Mantry; I am a Life Coach and Mental Health Consultant. From the last 25 years, we are researching on more than 50 diseases that we cure it without medicines. Today I’ll talk about paralysis; in Hindi paralysis is called (LAKWA). Paralysis is a life-threatening disease means there is a danger of life in paralysis that’s why patient & their family members are scared, and paralysis means no part of the body is not working condition, it can hand, legs, full body, left the side, right side. This disease makes a person handicapped and makes lifetime entirely dependent on others.

Now we’ll know about facts of paralysis, 2% of people have paralysis, 2% of people suffer from paralysis attack and this disease is increasing. This disease can occur at any age. Mostly it happens at the age of 50 and above. The main reasons for paralysis are blood pressure, brain stroke, spinal cord injury, high level of cholesterol, now tell us latest research that cause of disease is psychological, and also there are some physical reasons, and behind each & every physical right are psychological reasons means now will see that to whom does blood pressure occurs, who is more uneasy, who is nervous, who is restless, who has anxiety, who has lack of confidence, there is a lack of trust in yourself, who is confused, indecisive and this is the main reasons for due to which disease occurs.

The main reasons for this disease are a slow supply of blood on the brain or rupture of veins due to which amount of blood is restricted to mind when the supply of blood does not pass to the brain so there is lack of oxygen and then attack occurs. What are pre-symptoms, as you see these so can identify that it can be paralysis attack? If a person lose his balance means during walking if he/she bends towards left side or right side, if a person has a visibility problem from one side or both side, during talking if a person’s face is bended and if you feel unusual by watching him, if a person speaks he can’t speak properly, if a person memory becomes terrible, if a person has a problem while talking means can’t talk properly, if he dizzy so this all of the indications are like that within this all at least 2-3 symptoms are likely to arrive at same time and 2-3 signs are coming at the same time, so there are chances of paralysis attack it means supply of blood towards the brain has a little pause.

Now firstly immediately what to do, something like if you see so, you should lay down the patient and no one should give any medicine till it’s not confirmed that supply of blood is slowed down or his nerve is damaged, and there will be a stoppage of blood. The patient should lay down, and he/she and they should take oxygen as they can and immediately the patient should be admitted to the hospital. Less than 2 hours the patient should be admitted to the hospital, and the neurologist’s contact should be a force.  

Till what’s it long-term treatment, people gives medicines for dilute blood due to circulation starts or they give medicine to increase supply of blood or give give medicine to dilute blood due to which circulation starts and blood pressure can be controlled. The biggest impact is of branding, when someone finds out that I have paralytic attack so they become scared of it and the side is settled in the mind that it will be my normal life due to which they are more impacted. In its recovery it signifies that how a person is mentally strong that determines how fast it recovery will be and in how much percentage it will recovered. But one thing is confirmed that after paralytic attack only 10% person becomes normal till now date.

So far its long-term treatment is to detox body that removes the dirt from body but the biggest part of the biggest root cause is that the person is mentally disturbed and there is no treatment for him yet, detox to his mind too and whatever is under his concern, whatever the fear is, whatever the anger are, whatever is upset are, whatever are the frustration, whatever is confusing, remove all the things, remove anxiety so its recovery will be very fast and it happens in more quantity. Physical exercise is compulsory to do for such a patient, for lifelong such type patient should exercise for 1-1.5 hours. In home remedies, people grind garlic and mix it with honey, but basically it’s a strategy to produce heat in body which can be done by massage also and the utility of both is right that how to create heat in body, so that blood circulation is good.

In this if patient drinks juice of bitter gourd & neem juice three times in the week for lifelong so it would very good for that. The treatments that are going on so far they treat symptoms of paralysis and many people also get rid of from full attack and also people recovers from it within 4-6 months, but this method is wrong because of that save the person from paralysis but they prepare the person for other major illness. After the arrival of paralysis, after its treatment it has been observed that more than 60% of patients suffers from heart attack or they suffers attack from other disease and its life spam decreases, we have developed the method of treatment in which we ensure that the attack of paralysis will not come back and also we save them from other disease, we also cure their blood pressure, diabetes is also cured, also we lower the cholesterol, only except spinal cord injury which occurs due to accident, we also ensure brain stroke do not come, this all are the reasons we deal with and cure it.

It takes between 3-6 months for its recovery, and we ensure that other any of the disease doesn’t occur again in the coming 20 years. This disease occurs due to lack of blood circulation. When circulation of the blood reaches the brain is less or slowly so with that oxygen cannot even enter, and that’s why disease comes. When the paralysis attack comes, so what do the people do for its recovery? They call physiotherapy, they do pranayama, do massage, call speech therapists, also they go for acupressure, and all these treatments are right, none of them is wrong but all they treat only symptoms of disease and the main reasons due to which it attack has occurred, no one deals with it, and no one addresses it.  It happens 90% to same people in which anxiety is more, and stress is more, tension is more, discomfort is high, it comes to those same people, so if the deal with all these reasons, the treatment will be right. In this, there is a proper role of body massage & acupressure that they open your veins and increases your blood circulation.

After the arrival of a paralysis attack, the patient should take care of that they inhale more & more oxygen, do pranayama more and avoid smoking. Smoking and alcohol have much effect for increasing cholesterol and also for blood pressure. So due to his smoking has to be avoided for a lifetime. Smoking, tobacco all these have to quit. What should such people eat? These people should eat raw as much as possible, eat as much diet food, eat fruits and avoid eating oily food, bakery products, spicy foods all should be stopped. And especially intake of salt should be decreased; people who exercise regularly for 1 hour daily, usually on time, such people do not get the disease. If tension occurs to them, stress occurs to them, so by doing regular exercise, their capacity is increased to withstand pressure.

It is a dangerous disease in which the next life is on the bed and entirely dependent on others for a lifetime. No doubt in today’s method there is getting enough recovery, the patient can do many of the activities after a panic attack, and it depends upon that how much severe is the attack and in how much time do we start its treatment after the disease came. Every patient should check its blood pressure every six months. Should also decrease the intake of salt and should exercise regularly, should do regular pranayama, should not take more responsibilities, slowly-slowly should shut down one’s duties.

If you come to us, so we deal with all of its cause in 3 to 6 months, and then they do their regular activities, and also they fulfill all their dreams. To go to the root of the disease we have developed a test whose name we have given is mind mapping test, in which there are more than 300 reasons are mention, and the patient himself tells me why this disease has come from and we all deal with these reasons in 3 to 6 months.
In last I would only say that, if you have passed through paralysis in any age, then you take it seriously, understand its cause and make such a recovery that in the next 25 years you will not have such an attack of such dangerous disease and complete your all your dreams. Thank you.
I am CA Kailash Mantry; I stay in Mumbai.

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