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My name is CA Kailash Mantry. I am a Mental Health Consultant & Life Coach. I cure many of the diseases which cannot be cured by medical science or doctors like EpilepsyMigraine,ArthritisSchizophreniaADHDAutismDepressionInsomniaDrug AddictAlcoholic,ParkinsonAlzheimer and there are many other diseases which treatment hasn’t discovered in medical science but they can be cured.

Stammering in Hindi is called Haklana and in English is called stuttering. Today we’ll talk about that what is stammering? Stammering is a psychological & emotional disorder, but by mistake people have called it as neurological disease, and these same people visit  neurologist, speech therapist, hypnotherapist, they don’t have any treatment, if they can cure  it’s  temporary treatment. Stammering can be compared with iceberg example, because stammering is an iceberg, iceberg means that only 10% of the problem is on the surface and the other 90% is hidden underwater like deep-rooted psychological & emotional disorder, and by the treatment of this it can be cured.

20% of the people stammer sometimes, but 1% people are suffering from this disease, it means till the age of 5, 20% of all kids stammer, but when they grow to the age of about 5 – 7 years only 1% of the children are affected by stammering. Parents commonly neglect this disease, and they think that it will be automatically corrected, but in this, the kid suffers the most because their peers laugh at them, everyone makes fun of them, do mimicry of  them, and due to this they feel humiliated.

From their school life, their mind gets disturbed, their confidence gets disturbed, they have low self-esteem, they do not want to go in front of people, they don’t want to sit in a group of people, everyday they feel that there is something missing in them, if they want to say something they stop themselves because they think that if they speak they might stammer, people will laugh at them, others will make fun of me and won’t listen to me like this. Such children have many psychological issues and they are emotionally disturbed due to stammering.

Now will talk about its implications, it doesn’t have any physical, but there are dangerous psychological & emotional implication of stammering. A kid himself from inside suffocates, and he/she becomes helplessness, and they are unable to understand that what to do & what not. Stammering is not just a speech disorder; it’s a serious communication problem. To cure stammering it requires a minimum one month and maximum three months, as early as patient visits for this, it is a cure as soon this means that they visit at a young age so that it can be cured in 10 days also and as your age increases to takes more & more time to cure it. Whoever person stammers or whoever kid stammers, is not motivating throughout work, they don’t have the motivation to meet people, now will talk about why it happens? They whenever talk they have negativity in their mind that people do not understand me, are not valuing me or something they have a contrary interpretation. As much they speak they have an opposite argument. Boys stammer more as compared to girls.

Now we will talk about the main reasons for Stammering. There are more than 50 principal reasons for stammering, which kids who think a lot, kids which are confused, so these are the reasons for stammering & stammering is the reasons for these. Confusion, excessive thinking, nervousness, loneliness, infinity complex, introvert nature, low self – esteem, lack of confidence, fear of failure, fear of rejections, anxiety, tension, stress, sadness, seriousness just like there are more than 50 reasons, we say these are 90% reasons for stammering, if dealing with these things so stammering is by default cured.

Now I will talk about home remedies; its home remedies are as much as you talk , look in the mirror and talk, read out books loudly, meet unknown people speak to them as much as possible, before speaking you should take a deep breath, there is also breathing exercise due to which stammering can be cured and don’t take life too seriously in case if you stammer you laugh yourself saying that I’ve even stutter and accept yourself as you are and try to speak slowly-slowly, don’t talk in a hurry and talk to unknown people as much as you can and in last I will say that TALK  means as much you tell your stammering slowly-slowly will be cure.

Can Stammering can be a cured?

100% this disease can be cured in a minimum one month and in maximum three months can be 100 % healed. Is stammering problem is genetic?  No, this disease isn’t genetic, but I’ll say that in this disease parents have 20% – 30% indulgence. Are medicines are impactful in stammering? There is no role of medicine to cure it because it is not a physical disorder it’s a mental block, there is the role of drugs, there are no medicines for the treatment of stammering.

Up to which stage stammering can be a cure?

No there no matter about age limit, an 80-year-old person can be cured and also 10-year kid can be cured but as soon as they visit they will be a cure as more quickly. So when should people visit, people should not be in a hurry, before 5-7 years they should not attend and from 7-15 years they should visit anytime at this age stammering can be cured earlier, it can be cured in 10 days also.

Is there any temporary treatment?

Yes there is a temporary treatment, people go for hypnotherapist, speech therapist but it’s a brief treatment it doesn’t last long, this is not the right way of treatment. Is anyone benefited with this temporary cure?  Yes 5-10 % people are helped with this but within 1 year they stubble as they were earlier, because as I say that it’s is an iceberg means, from above it looks like 10% problem but 90% problem is deep rooted, and if you treat the only surface, treatment can’t take for lengthy period.

Ok, so it does have an instinct cure. There is no instinct cure. When one parent does should be concerned about their child fluency, child talking techniques? At the age of 6-8 years, parents should be worried about stammering, and we should involve someone and this as soon as possible this disease should be cured and it will nice for the child. Which situations are there when kids stammer? When the child is harmful, full of doubts and when they have feelings of rejections, sense of failure, low self- esteem they suffer a lot. How do deal with this, how should we respond them? Yes, it’s an excellent question, if anyone in your family stammers so you should listen to him with lots of patience, just like you have free time to look to his/her whole things and as many as you listen to him with patience, that much his/her stammering will be cure at least 10-20%.

In case if there is all this will happen so he/she will not stammer more / haven’t he’ll be habitual of it?

No, he/she will get confidence, stammering occurs because they speak up with quickness, it’s in a mind of a person that people will listen to me and if you give an excellent instinct so he/she will get patience and it will cure.

Why are kids affected?

Yes by this kids are more affected, and psychologically they become weak, and their confidence gets very bad, and for a lifetime he/she is unable belief that he can do something in life. At the end what would you like to tell us about stammering?

What I would like to know about stammering is that it’s a mental illness, there are more than 50 reasons for this disease occurring and if this disease can be cured in 1 month so why to suffer more. I’ve seen that parents neglect and think that what he/she is trying to say we can understand, now what’s the need for treatment but the child suffers, and he/she is unable to speak, and the child thinks that this disease cannot be cure, I also guess that people think that this disease cannot be cure, so where to go for its treatment, maybe it’s an ignorance that’s why people suffers due to stammering. In last I’ll say that stammering is an mental illness and can be 100% cured and as soon as you contact us as earlier you will get its solution and I within 3-5 hours I have developed a mind mapping test, I within half-an-hour say why the person stammers & what’s it reasons, and the reasons person told us & which comes in a test, I deal with it and stammering is cured.

I have recently cured a person suffering from stammering within 250 hours, and also I have uploaded its video on my channel, and I have cured it in 250 hours, and person was suffering from 5 years of age, he came to me in 27 years of age and before me he had visited more than 20 places speech therapist, hypnotherapist & wherever he watches ads of stammering treatment he visits there, but nowhere there was permanent treatment to it, and when he visited me I cured in 250 hours, that’s why never lose hope and this disease is 100% curable and their confidence will be constant and also he/she can think & do bigger thinks. My name is CA Kailash Mantry, I am life coach and there are more than 50 diseases to which we have research of 25 years and we cure all this disease & all this diseases are curable.

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