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October 1, 2018 at 11:57 am · · 0 comments

What type of Alcoholic are you?

October 1, 2018

There are a few types of alcoholics. Each type has different symptoms and varied consequences. It needs to be tackled with a lot of love and care.

1. Mild Alcoholic:  
         Here the person drinks alcohol but very rarely. The person will not experience any negative effects, and they believe they have the capacity for drinking alcohol without problems. Physiological changes take place with the increase in tolerating capacity, but this will not be noticeable to the drinker or others. This kind of alcoholic is not at risk of any side effect unless the alcohol is poisonous. But it is the first step to become a severe alcoholic.

2. Moderate Alcoholic
 This is the second level of alcoholism. At this stage, symptoms build up slowly and steadily. Hangover results from excessive drinking and might be confused with withdrawal symptoms. Many addicts will continue their drinking to avoid sickness and will be found drinking small amounts of alcohol frequently. They will try to hide their alcoholism from others and will avoid any suggestion on alcoholism. Here the person has increased his alcoholic intake. This level of alcoholism can have side effects.
3. Severe Alcoholic:

By this level, many organs of the human body are damaged due to long-term drinking. Medical treatment or a rehabilitation might be required; otherwise, these changes will cause death. At this level of alcoholism, a person is extremely addicted to alcohol use. He/she will not be able to live without alcohol use. Whatever might be the cause but the person will become severely addicted to alcohol by this level.

4. Young Alcoholics:
This group of alcoholics contains the youth around 20 years of age. This group has gained its youth and independence a few years ago. Hence the attraction towards alcoholism is very high.

5. Antisocial alcoholics:
This type contains alcoholics who are from the age group of 21 to 26 years of age. They have lost the social abilities. They don’t have good social behavior. This category will face lots of problems while dealing with others. Alcohol addicts of this type might get involved in actions that may be considered antisocial. Some of them might turn out to be rapists, murders, thieves, etc.

6. Functional Alcoholics:
These type of alcoholics will have alcohol addiction present, but at a moderate level. They will have stable relationships, good education, good income as compared to another type of alcoholics. These people are not harmful to society. They understand the importance of having stability in life. Most of them are occasional drinkers. They will be responsible citizens and good human beings.

7. Alcoholics due to the family:
These kinds of alcoholics are formed when they face family abuse. In most of the cases, they come from broken families. They have a disturbed family life. They began drinking at a very young age. This category of drunkards are stubborn and will never give up the habit of drinking i.e. drinking addiction They will blame the circumstances for their alcoholism. However hard one tries to help them to get rid of alcohol, they will never listen.

1.Uncontrolled  alcohol consumption:
A person who has become addict to alcohol is unable to control the amount of alcohol he drinks or the amount of time spent on consuming alcohol. However hard he tries he is unable to stop his desire to drink alcohol. Drinking more than five glasses a day or fourteen drinks per week is harmful to a man, or more than three drinks per day or seven drinks per week is harmful to a woman. Sometimes a youth in the family is an addict but he will hide this. It is very important for the elders in the family to keep a watch on the youth in the family.

2. Gives utmost importance to alcohol:
This person is incapable to target anything except alcohol. The drive to consume alcohol is so strong that the person is always unable to focus on anything except the next opportunity to drink. Such a person will not be able to control his urge to drink alcohol. This person will not hesitate from robbing money for buying alcohol even at home. Sometimes the urge is so strong that he will always consider alcohol the most important thing. This type of person will not give importance to his spouse, children, parents, friends, etc in comparison to alcohol. The mind of the person is affected to such an extent that alcohol will become a priority.

3. Drinking restrains from fulfilling commitments:
Over drinking leads to the inability of the drunkard to fulfill his personal and professional commitments. Such a person is not able to maintain his reputation as a worker nor a family member. When a drunkard is assigned some responsible task, he will never be able to complete the given work. He will be so much fond of drinking that the task assigned to him will seem negligible. In most cases, the drunkard will not perform his duty and resort to drinking.

4. Bad Relationships
An alcoholic will always face severe issues in his personal and professional relationships. Most of them will become arrogant and stubborn under the influence of a alcohol.  They will insult or beat their wives, children, parents, etc to get alcohol. No one in the family will bother about them because of their attitude. The loved ones of such a person will distance themselves from him. This person will also humiliate the friends who will try to convince him to leave alcohol. Hence friends will also leave this person. They will never have any balance in his life. Alcohol will overtake his mind so much that he will give less importance to relationships than drinking.

5. Neglecting everything:
Such a person will lose interest in the activities and things that he liked to do in the past. He will forget the things he loved to do which can be his hobbies like reading, sports, shopping, etc. It can also be activities like helping his children to complete homework, helping wife in the kitchen, help colleagues to complete their work, etc. He will be so engrossed in drinking that nothing will be given more importance as compared to drinking. This person will also neglect his social responsibilities like bringing up the children, taking care of old parents, looking after the family business, etc. They will neglect their health, well being, job, career, etc.

6. Risky activities:
When a person is an alcohol addict he/she will involve himself/herself in risky activities like drink and drive, murder, etc. In the drunken state, the person does not understand the seriousness and consequences of these risky activities. The risk is always involved when a person becomes an alcohol addict. Such a person will risk his job, family, health and even life only to take a sip of alcohol. He might not only harm others but also himself. In many cases, the person loses his life in accidents caused due to rash driving under the impact of alcohol.  
7. Not bothered about the health issues:
A drunkard is so much used to alcohol that he is not bothered about the mental and physical health issues which are a result of drinking. Even when family members or doctors tell them about the bad effects, the alcoholics remain unaffected. Many of them also know that a certain part of their body has been affected by alcohol abuse. It can be heart, lungs, liver, etc that are affected. In spite of this, the people will not stop drinking.

8. Urge to have more alcohol every time:
Every day, every hour and every minute an alcoholic person wants a more alcoholic drink. His desire to drink more alcohol never fades. He always wants to have a little more drink whatever the situation might be. Alcohol takes over the mind of the person so much so that he will think of increasing his alcoholic consumption every time he drinks alcohol. By this time the person is fully addicted to alcohol.


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